1. how tf errybody be gettin panic attacks i be smokin wit errybody nowadays tbh 🤣💀 i got alot of plugs and people i can smoke for free i can smoke on weekend if i want man im grateful for all dis shit but ion get no anxiety or shit but it make me feel chill af bruh how tf yall be on sum jezus shit if yall dat high 💀

  2. As a smoker and grower is okay to smoke weed that has seeeds in it. All you have to do is take it out like you take out the stem but me personally I smoke my stems just because I be lazy and ion have time to sort through the shit

  3. 🔌🍃🎒🛫🚚
    Serious Inquires ONLY:
    Shipping Included
    Half(14 grams)$70
    QP/4 Ounces(112 grams)$430
    Pound(16 ounces)$1400
    2 P’s $2500
    Medical Grade Strains in stock: Purple punch, Gelato, Slimer OG, and Grandaddy Purp.
    For more info on strains, prices, shipping info, live pics/videos of what the bud is looking like, etc.,
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