18+older. Hemper Box has put together a cleaning kit for your stoner needs. Get all the products together or singularly to help you keep your nails, bangers, …


  1. Love the channel bro and the demonstration of the cleaning products top notch LOL but seriously those products you can get from the dollar store the arts and crafts store you're probably paying two to three times as much just because it says hemper Tech on the box you know us Stoners all are pennies for Bud's LMAO big fan love the channel bro keep it up

  2. I've been a longtime fan, but I'm unsubscribing now because you've became Hempers bitch. Hemper is the worst stoner box out there. Now you're a sell out, making them trying to sound good when they are the worst monthly smoking box out there. Hemper screws you up your boy pussy, and you love it! That's why your wife left you, cuz you're a sell out and a bad person.

  3. I haven't even watched the video yet but I am always happy with your videos bro yeeeeaaaaaauuuuu!!!! You rock bro Jolie you are the best!!! Much love and fat bong rips to you!!

  4. The homie just opened a rec store in Salem,Or.
    Best fire in the OR!
    Check out

    Preserve Oregon 1201 South Commercial st. in Salem,Or! You won't be disappointed.

    Maybe a walk through? That would be sick!

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