GrowTube #75 – TOWN HALL + GROW TALK

GrowTube is a LIVE Stream show where viewers can interact with their favorite cannabis growers on YouTube. We will cover several topics of discussion in all …


  1. ,crazy dago you had 4.6 k views on the last growtube that's the most views for a show since YouTube cut you off so how can you say it's going downhill thats bull and donations have been taken and ur just gonna leave them with no growtube ,you can't tell me ya feel good about that

  2. At one time the growtube was competing with NASA for viewers …back when it was a,weekly show and it was Poppin The place to be but unfortunately I feel like it's forgotten the work n material it takes to stay up there

  3. Cmon guys and gals, this is supposed to be fun. Keep doing what you're doing Dawgo. No schedule! Run the show when you want I'll be here waiting. I'm a father and a business man during the day but grower/ nerd on the other side. Dont make it feel like work.

  4. What's missing is the excitement from the newness of the freedoms to grow and treatment of your ill's yourselves. Now you got cannabis snobs that turn their nose up at mid's whenever some of us are still in prohibition land . I can still get brick weed. You need fresh eyes from a newly freed state.

  5. I enjoy this style of show, if while talking and theres a bigger topic that needs to be talked about spend a little more time on it next episode. Take care and i appreciate your time. 🤙

  6. Nobody wants to share their secrets. But there is one guy who has been telling some of the secrets. Maybe you guys should talk to him. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about but if you don't you can just ask me.

  7. Sounds boring at first, but, CURRENT EVENTS can keep things relevant AND New, cover news about the national/state/local TRENDS which continue to evolve. I've even seen rumours of National declassification to allow more University research etc. I'm following a channel which is 24/7 and follows current news and they manage 2-3K most of the time. Sorry I missed the live discussion, but give it some thought/research.

  8. I love the show but your wrong about the start of the downfall it was when you took the break I understand why but you guys moved on with your lives then try to start back were you left off the nv deal was about this time grow mau was starting with chill and you tube deleting channels I think you just need to start from the beginning new panel with new ideas just l like you say you covered cloning but you have not covered every way to do it there is always a little nugget that you can learn

  9. Dawgo you have pure talent my friend, don’t ever give up on this industry or yourself 👊It’ll come to you in the meantime we shall all wait 👍be safe and take care out there 🙏

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