1. There are so many groups that only use Facebook and try to force their users to use Facebook or you can't be a group member. Those groups need to wake the hell up and stop using that god-awful platform.

  2. The whole Facebook conversation is essentially social media in general, not exclusively a FB issue. Its a double edged sword. It can be used positively to help topple dictatorships such as the Arab springs, or can be used negatively by groups to spread messages that may hurt others. So I wouldnt say fuck Facebook. There's always a flip side to that coin. It doesnt matter how much you try to regulate something, there will always be an issue that will arise that folks will not agree with. It is used as a platform to bring awareness to issues whether you agree with them or not. It's easy to say fuck them because they made a mistake and their platform in a small country in the world is being used for hate, but the chances are low that creating a genocide was FBs intention in the first place.

  3. The image you're showing looks similar to a gravitational slingshot. Maybe it simply came from outer solar system and used the sun as a gravitational slingshot.
    That's what it looks like in the image.

  4. Red iris. Yellow eyes. Red hair
    The white scaly slick skiined
    Spormatoids spaceships
    Long oblong

    All people show is zetas
    Vut what about the other 56 races we know of?

    Pleaidian s
    Lots more

    And Artillians

  5. This is a moot point. Its come and gone. Nothing we can or could do. Skywatchers will no doubt keep watching and still won't be able to give us any more warning than they do now.

  6. Didn't make it past 00:07… came here for alien conspiracy fun… not whiney small minded political fuckery. Geniuses don't sweat small timelines like human lives or which cycle of slavery or rebellion we are using. Aliens are fun. Poitics is for lower lifedorms. Elliot and Ricky live in a small temoral space and bore me with drivel.

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