1. Hey Dan quick question…what exactly is a day-maker, a week-maker, month-maker, etc? I hear you using the terms in a lot of your videos. Is it calculated as a certain percentage of a trader's total portfolio? Or is it simply a subjective type of trade in which if you make it, you do not have to trade for the rest of the day? Thank you

  2. Hi Dan, for those who want to learn charting and are just starting out, is there a free chart reader you can recommend that one can use to practice? Something that will work on an ios device, ipad?

  3. I remember watching that one, U were having a dinner with a girl friend or your wife. and I was like, wow this guy do share his losing trades.

    Yea.. I have been following you for a quite a while now.. time flies!!

  4. Thanks Dan!

    I would love to see some of your small scalps/breakeven plays on the 2m timeframe. In particular I would like to hear what your reasoning for entering the trade was as well as what your profit target and stop loss were. And if you didn't have a stop loss because you were watching it live what it was you saw that caused you to exit.

  5. Personally I'd like to hear your trades more often, even if it is only 10cent scalp.
    I try to scalp like you acting as if I have 2 more digits in my entry, to prepare myself for the future(I use robinhood for those not to pay fees, which usually have pretty bad fills)
    Also thank you for your watch list for today. I did break even with CMG, %1 with ETSY. I can't tell how much I appreciate to listen you live, thank you thank you thank you…

  6. Hey Dan. I think instead of trades that lose, I think it’s better to explain how to recognize strategy. When consolidation comes into play versus equilibrium. My favourite was your method of confirmation if it will be a green or red day – when bounce twice or break on the 3 minute frame. I hope I’m not asking for a secret recipe but I would buy that course.

  7. Dan, you are SOOOOO appreciated. I guess the biggest wish I would have is to be able to sit next to you for a week, hahaha. Thanks for everything!

    Dan, I'm a video editing, marketing and social media pro of 15 years. If you ever need anything… Video work, website…. Paid social, whatever… Don't hesitate to ask. [Not a pitch… an offer for all you do for the community]∆

  8. I can't see you interested in a repressive career on Wall Street, but I'm curious if you've ever been approached by a hedge fund like JP Morgan or similar? I'm sure you'd be far more valuable to them than most of the "Ivy league" crop they procure.

  9. Thanks a ton as always for your video. You are a rock star. And hopefully by diligently learning and keeping your positive attitude in my head I too will be able to say…. can’t remember my last red day. Sweet!!!!!

  10. Dan, here's hoping it's another several weeks before you have a red trade to share.  I was sucker-punched this morning with the drop in CENX. Followed Dan's rule of buying gap down at the open and made enough off that trade to help lessen the pain.  CENX is a long-term hold anyways, so the account balance is down, but haven't realized a loss…yet.  Still it's no fun when a trade doesn't go your way.

  11. Out of curiosity… have you ever done the math as to how much you would have made had you invested everything in CGC a year ago versus day trading mj stocks? What the gain % difference is?

  12. I waited 10-15min before I entered a position in Aphria today and entered when it pulled back to 15.90… it was so fast that I got in at 16.16$ and got out at 16.75 once I saw it didnt break 17$. I debated getting back in but I refrained. I made about 1k and Im happy with that.

  13. I saw the divergence forming on NBEV this morning from the close yesterday into premarket. Due to coming off a night shift and needing to go to bed I didnt make a play. Sure wish I would have pushed through it and caught the move up this morning. Thanks again for another great video

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