1. You can ripen green tomatoes inside. Pick them before a frost because the skins are damaged by the frost. Lay them on cookie sheets in a sunny window and turn them every day. Not as good as vine ripened but they will ripen over a week or so and you can use or preserve them later.

  2. The April 14th 2016 you had 274 000 views, todayyou have 116 000, big difference, I went back and watche your earlier videos again, what a difference, today anything you desire you buy. Not so inspiring, I'm giving up as a subscriber and giving all this viewing time to another channel who really needs the support for real.

  3. What you can do with the beets, is peel & slice them a medium thin and then cook them in some water and seasoning. After they're cooked you can put them into pint jars with the juice and stick them in the fridge and eat slices of them with your meals. They will last up to a week or more that way. Also, what I do with the cucumbers from my garden is, I wash/peel and slice them. Then I put the slices into a clear jar and then pour white vinegar over them until I have covered them all. Then I slice a white onion and put a couple or 3 of the white onion rings in the jar. Then I add a pinch of salt and a couple of pinches of black pepper and fill the rest up with water and chill it. After setting in the fridge awhile the cucumbers start to slightly pick up the vinegar and onion taste and really do taste great. I do this with both my beets (the 'recipe' above this one) as well as with the cucumbers. It's a great way to eat fresh produce without canning/cooking/sealing jars etc…  When I was a Kid my Mom had a garden, she canned everything she could and also used the above recipes for something in the fridge to eat along with meals. I have even bought vegi's from he sore and did these techniques with them. Enjoy!

  4. Kitchen Aid sieve attachment would remove every seed, skin and core in a batch that big in 30 minutes, leaving just the sauce to cook down. Consider making your own paste, too. Also, cover plants with old sheets on early frost nights to protect them and extend growing.

  5. I've only ever heard of using tomatillos for salsa Verde, so the green tomato version may be interesting. If you have space indoors to store them, end of season tomatoes can be harvested at the first sign of color change and then ripened indoors. Your winter squash has frost damage now and won't store as long, but you should bring it inside and keep an eye on it. Next year, leave your kale in the ground as it would have likely survived the winter.

  6. Tomato Seeds: I have a friend that works at the waste water treatment center. Tomato seeds actual survive the entire treatment process. To the extent that after the solids are removed from the system the pile has huge tomato plants growing out of the pile of poo. The previous operator would take huge tomatoes home to his family from the pile.

  7. I was taught to pick all of the green tomatoes and let them ripen indoors. When they ripen they will be less juicy than vine ripened ones, and that makes them perfect for tomatoe paste and sauces. They will make thick sauces that don't need to be boiled as long.

  8. Carrots are very hardy, when we lived in Idaho we even left them in the ground covered by snow and they did just fine; and yes, you are correct – they're small due to crowding. Well done on the garden!

  9. From what I recall from growing tomatillos many years ago, the husk grows quickly and it takes a while for the fruit to fill its husk, so those ones with a very oversize husk might just be immature. Also, they turn yellow as they mature on the plant. I don't recall how it affects the flavour.

    I suspect that "not washing" the beets so they keep better implies leaving on all the small hairy roots and the dirt that clings to them.

  10. Hi, I just pickled some garlic scapes! Didn’t know about them until I saw you do them. Saw them in the produce market (called garlic stems) and thought “I know what to do with them”. Now waiting to taste them 🙁

  11. Looks like quite a haul considering the late start, the produce you’ve already eaten, canned, frozen, etc… and there still more to be harvested. Great year in my book. 👍🏼

  12. Personal opinion, but you guys use a tiny knife when you should be using a much larger knife for cutting. You wouldn't use a saw that was only slightly longer than the piece of wood you are cutting. I've seen it in several videos. Just an opinion, but much faster and easier. Good luck and congratulations.

  13. If you have 6 green tomato's take 3 of them & put them on the window seal in the kitchen in full sun light and then take the other 3 place them in a shoe box and put the under the bed which one will turn red the quickest? Love the videos!!

  14. RE: Zucchini: I BELIEVE IT. You are indeed the only person to ever get just one. My experience is that zucchini take over everything, make you alienate your friends, maybe even steal your car.

  15. I do not care that the release are out of time our delayed. You are trying to make a living and that is good. but some channels are giving date stamps and this is good. Then we know that this is the past/present/future and can take things time sensitive in context.

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