1. Hey Frank love the show. Congrats on ur new First Contact gig. Looking forward to Firewall stepping the game up to the next lvl. Question: What do u think about Hitman in VR? I Think it would be amazing like skyrim is amazing. PS. Forever a headset. appreciate u. keep up the good work. Wish u the best. #ASKfrank

  2. I had a hot ex that was lactose intolerant, but still loved her ice cream, coffee, etc., so from behind, the best, but, now and then, the smell was like death..& one day, we were playing Donkey Kong, she was cool like that, & she just flat out farted, couldn't hold it in. I laughed, playfully, but she was embarrassed, so she left, which made me laugh even more. I can't imagine how many girls hold it in. another hot ex, started eat junk on stressful work days, she'd fart in her sleep, when theyre hot its funny, but enough is enough, nothing hot about farting.

  3. Hey guys if your looking for a type of SAO VRMMO look no further than NOSTOS it releases Q3 of 2019, trailers are available on there website so give them a subscription and some love, they'd certainly appreciate it.

  4. I've tried the Rift, own a WMR and PSVR. In my opinion, PSVR is the best overall, not a compromise. I cant deal with the God rays of the PC, smaller FOV, and huge screen door effect. Long live PSVR!

  5. I'm skipping any psvr 2 because they failed so hard on the first psvr. The games we got are pathetic imo. No game is a psvr seller. We don't get anything interesting from Sony. Nothing but remakes and cheap puzzle games. Even shooting games are out of whack. Holding the weapons in fps looks extremely buggy still. Also the graphics are also pathetic. When I get a new system I want better graphics not worse.

  6. #ASKfrank

    What's your take on the lack of PSVR commercials on network TV??!!
    Sony does zero PSVR promo's on TV…..why don't they want to push headsets……or advertise their fantastic flagship game Astro Bot??!!
    I see generic PS4 commercials but no specific PSVR.
    Just wondering…….thanks. 😎👍

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