Will CBD Make Me Fail My Drug Test? (Will CBD Make Me Piss HOT?)

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  1. I must off taking 1-2 grams(unknowingly, but it helps with pain hip pain n anxiety) or my full spectrum had to much THC without me knowing ,because I failed drug test I was not told either that I was having a drug test it was after the fact. What does one do now my job may be on the line

  2. it shows up on drug tests as thc I’m on probation and have been clean for 3 months and continue to come up dirty for thc and all I have been doing is smoking on hemp bombs pure cbd isolate e liquid just found an article stating that cbd will change to thc in your stomach due to strong acids and will be excreted through urine everyone needs to know this if your on probation like I am and is being tested regularly (every 5 days)

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