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  1. I had this for over 2 years. lead to invasive thoughts and becoming extremely antisocial. I don't have much emotion, but I finally started to feel like I was at least participating in life rather than just observing.. I was so bad for awhile that I should have gotten help. listen, it will get better. use your hands and work out. get in reality instead of living in your mind.

  2. Hey bro dealing with this right now… I smoked at least a good 5 times but the first couple times I wasn’t inhaling right lol. I smoked one night with a friend and I got that feeling of being high for the first time instantly started to panic. I got out the car and started to pace myself and I thought I was gonna die it’s real scary. I felt terrible for the rest of the night I woke up and felt fine. About 2-3 weeks later I’m laying down and I jus had that feeling again my heart was racing, started to pace myself went to sleep and woke up still had the feeling. I’ve had it now for about a month and I hate it. It gets real scary , I think about death a lot and I feel like I’m not even hear sometimes. I think about having heart attack’s. The first week it came back I went to the hospital twice they did test on my heart I was perfectly fine lol. My doctor even did blood work to check the inside of my body and everything was fine. I just wish it would go away , I don’t even like going to school because I always think what if something bad happens. I get dizzy a lot as well. And just have a lot of bad thoughts. I always think I’m going dumb and I’m losing my mind. I feel like I’ve always had something like this because I’ve always been a nervous reck and always a person to over think things. Each day I do feel like I get better I jus wanna go back to normal I hate dealing with this. I hate to even look , smell at weed. Never again will I ever smoke.

  3. Everything still looks like a video game, and I still have permanent static. I’ve multiple upon multiple of these same experiences I wish I would have stopped the first time, I have smoked in years and I’m still fucked… and those aren’t your friends.

  4. I had a similar experience with this i was chillen with my brother and he had a wax pen it was indica 95% purity yea I fucked up but still I took a fat hit and I was chillen for about 2 minutes then all of a sudden I had a sudden jolt in my brain then I look at my phone and I get scared cause it looks fake so I get up go get a water because I knew what was going to happen if I didn’t try to calm myself down but then I sat down then my brother starts talking I didn’t want to panic him so I just let him talk but as he’s talking it’s getting worse so I get under my blanket and say ima try to go to sleep then about a minute later my heart is literally pumping out of my chest which panics me even more I was having palpitations so then I tell my brother shut up I’m having a panic attack and he’s like okay and it’s getting progressively worse and I’m literally about to cry but no matter how hard I try to cry no tears come out I’m like wining and I tell my brother get me a ice cold water so he does and I put it on my chest to distract myself from the heart beat that is fast as fuck so it does that then I fell asleep then when I woke up I was fine but I been scared to go to school because I fear it will happen at school I don’t smoke or anything but I had derealization before this recent one but it was like 2 years since my last derealization attack but now I’m nervous about going to school but I still go I just try to distance myself from people so I don’t have one again

  5. NOTE! I got my self out of derealization and depersonalisation by slighty overdosing magnesium intake+through skin applying. I thought I would never go out that hell. This might also work for you if your kidneys are normal take 400-600mg per day (not magnesium oxide) take citrate, glysine or chelate. Take it with vitamine D to better absorption if u dont get much sun. And take magnesium chloride thrgouh skin. Epsom salt baths also good. Please guys try this out for few weeks, you dont have much to lose it wont harm you. But chances are you are magnesium deficient badly. Thats not the root cause ofcourse it can be (traumas, long term stress, sicknesses, over training, medicines, smoking marijuana (THC eats magnesium).

  6. I have derealization for about 1year and a little more. During this time I kept thinking about it and other things and it became almost like OCD and about 3 days ago from now my mind have just cleared totally. Is this normal? Now I feel like I can't keep thinking or "live" inside my mind, is this a proccess of healing and I am not used to it because I had derealization for a very long period of time? I need answers, please.

  7. At the time of a bad trip i forgot who i was, who my friends were, and i didnt know what it means to be alive. I was literally like a plain existance, like i was everything. And it was like its for eternity. Now i suffer from the kind of disorder that you are describing and i feel like im getting better because of your help. The most important thing for me is that now i have this feeling that im not alone in this. That a lot of people are going through this exact problem and they are surviving. Thank you very much, i am going to keep being strong. You are such a great support and i would really like to help you by becoming a patreon but im only 17 and i dont really have a credit card so im sorry about that. I will subscribe.

  8. mm v interesting, in my experiences I have been smoking for almost 2 years, smoked copious amounts, have a v high tolerance and now sadly dependency, and through my use and trauma and ongoing anxiety and depression, I’ve been hella depersonalised for what at least 6 months, its really scary , slowly trying to cut down and get busy again, and back in the real world

  9. I’ve felt these symptoms over the years now , I didn’t know it was weed causing but at the end of my use I was having panick and full blown anxiety attacks from it ,you don’t have to be a beginner smoker to experience these symptoms you are talking about .It can build up over time from abuse .Whats sad is that we have majority of the users thinking this is a harmless drug.

  10. I'm gonna stay strong and try get through this and If I do the two people I will thank for ever will be you and bignoknow you's have helped me a lot especially you one day I'm gonna be commenting how u helped me and how I made it through the hard times and try help others thank you

  11. Bro what you've said at the end Is what I basically helped my anxiety and I found this out myself good shit help people out also what you can do for anxiety on general is say this

  12. If I’ve been fighting these feelings running from them making them worse and letting them terriffy me but today I decided to change my mindset and try and recover would it be possible or because I made it worse will it be stuck this way

  13. I greened out the first time i ever smoked weed and got this. It literally felt as if i was a cartoon too and that everything was repeating itself. Time didnt exist, my friends look liked cartoons and i felt like a camera also. I had it for 7 months and still randomly have the odd dp moment.

  14. I had a very bad trip from marijuana for the first time 45 days ago .. I don't have any panic attack since and I was completely fine for four times in this 45 days .. 1st time for 1 day .. the 2nd time for 1 day .. the 3rd time for 2 days and the 4th time for 5 days .. will it take more time for me to recover ? Sorry for bad english .. I need help.

  15. Joe Rogan Experience – Vinnie Paz at 43:30 talks about his experience with DPD to spread awareness. More people need to know that this can happen! When weed is completely legal this will run ramped if it affects up to 2% of the population!

  16. Ur awesome. I’ve recovered once but started smoking again. I got it again but it’s been mild THANKFULLY. As before when I took an edible it hit me incredibly hard (derealization/depersonalization). I definitely know how to handle it now cuz I came over it. Subscribed!

  17. I’ve been noticing how people rationalize spiritual experiences with scientific explanations, which is understandable because science gives us something tangible to believe in. But, these are actually called out-of-body experiences… because we are truly just souls in 3-D meat suits. This physical life that we see with our eyes is not all that there is. You’re connecting with your true being when you have those experiences. It feels so strange because we’ve trained our minds to believe that what we see is all there is and we’ve created such systematic, routine lives.

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