1. I feel sorry for all the suckers playing poker, most of them have no clue, they wear the hats the badges the dark glasses and complain about how bad the other players are, poker is a corrupt Industry, if I were to make even 1 million I would never play again, Ryan reissue makes 8 million and is still chasing the dream 1 buy in at a time, they say when your up get out, this is why most poker players go broke, they don't understand negranau ivey and all the too pros are heavily backed by sponsors and donors, it doesn't matter if they lose they still win, I love poker but I'm looking for 1 big score to retire from it

  2. I thought that last hand was played perfectly by both players. JRB check raises with two pair on a board with two spades and several straight draws. No choice but to push all in because it's more likely he's bluffing with a draw than he has you beat. And even if he has you beat you still have equity.

  3. Love the tubby tub Gavin Smith. And btw, click bait titles are automatic unsubscribe so good job.
    What idiot came up with it btw and why? Haven't seen click bait before from y'all. Maybe Ive just missed it.
    I say idiot cos you could have easily said AA gets blown off a flop or would you have folded A, A here?

  4. So… he calls raises with 4 6 off suit, 3 bet bluffs with a gutshot and doesnt fire on the turn… he kinda was begging to give his money away. Nothing even remotely creative about his play here. Just bad, he knew he was playing bad, so he went home. Lol "quits the game". Like he had a 7 figure loss to a cold deck and quit cards to go find a day job lol… Who writes this shit?

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