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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGR5uruwv9k
    "The pro-psychedelic plant position is clearly an antidrugs position. Drug dependencies are the result of habitual, unexamined, and obsessive behavior. These are precisely the tendencies in our psychological makeup that the psychedelics mitigate. The plant hallucinogens dissolve habits and hold motivations up to inspection by a wider, less egocentric, and more grounded point of view within the individual! Drugs, are about dulling perception, about addiction and about behavioral repetition; What the psychedelics are about is pattern-dissolving experiences of an extraordinarily high or different awareness. They are the exact opposite of drugs. They promote questioning, they promote consciousness, they promote value examinations, they promote the reconstruction of behavioral patterns; Especially psilocybin, which allows a searchlight to be thrown on these deeper levels of the psyche, as Jung correctly stated. But it is not a museum of archetypes or psychic constructs, as he seemed to assume. It's a frontier of wholeness into which any person, so motivated and so courageous as to wish to do it, can go and leave the mundane plane far behind!! So i think with the work that we do with these psychedelic plants, we are the earliest pioneers in what over the next hundred years will lead us to an understanding of consciousness almost as a thing apart from the monkey body and the mammalian brain"

    – Terence Mckenna

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