The paradigm shift in health with Dr Zach Bush MD – Living outside the Matrix Podcast episode 26

In this episode of the “Living outside the Matrix” Podcast, Nigel Howitt hears about the root causes of the paradigm shift occurring in health care from Dr Zach …


  1. Zach Bush has no peer reviewed papers on this subject in proper scientific journals. I looked as he said he did in the interview and was disappointed in what I found – a couple 2-3 page documents that look like briefs or book chapters without peer review. He weaves a convincing narrative, and no doubt glyphosate is harmful, but the efficacy of the Restore product is not demonstrated.

  2. Hi
    Restore then is the water of life
    Today is 7 days since I've been taking 1 tsp 3× a day of Restore, I put it in my Eyes, Ear, Nose and orally.
    Have I seen the Miracle of Restore as yet, NO.
    However Dr Zach said give the treatment 3 months ,and on other podcast he mentioned why some has sensitivity others don't. Listen to his interviews with Dr Macola and Dr Pampa and episode #44 with Mr Nigel all has gems that's worth unearthing with our time and note pads.
    At present I've been in overall body pain, painful upper back and shoulders, swell knees, ankle, insomnia, in fact I did not fall asleep till the AM. Arthritis is the main cause but maybe not , it may be my Gut Health. All this suffering for the last 6 years even with diet changes. Now I do keto diet, still no change in pain level except when I take the supplements from standard process which has been recommended by Dr Darren Schmidt. Its only been day 5 now,up and down with pain level. But I'll trust Dr Zach and his product Restore..
    Am on supplements from standard process which is food base, I'll stick with them till Restore restore my over all health.
    I'll repost in 3 months.
    Good health to you listeners and readers.
    At present am in so much pain. Upper back and both shoulders.

  3. I have always skeptical about stuff like this but as I was having brain fog issues I decided to give this stuff a go. It is like magic! Liquid gold. Holy crap.

    My brain has been out of kilter since having heart bypass surgery (valve replacement) 3 years ago. Started taking this 2 weeks ago and I am now getting a tidal wave of memories and thoughts hitting me 24/7. Don't dismiss this stuff. And 100% organic for me.

  4. We can be a healthy farming society but what Dr Zach does not address is the corrupt Government Global System where those selected or elected to be of service to the people have been controlled by Deep State Elites through down right black mail well planned out by them to socially program their Agenda and Aims as They Deem Fit for Society. Hence the UN Agenda 2021. He talks about Monsanto Briefly yet does he talk about one of the US FDA Executives was once head of Monsanto that does not work in kinda of independent Farmers wanting to raise Organic be it fruits/ Vegetables or Meat???? If we Truly had those in Congress acting for the well being of Society we would not have such issues. Reality is Government is Totally Corrupt by Corporations as such….We are the Corporation of America and Until the Masses Wake Up to Such Facts and Take Back not just in America but Globally it will be a sad state of a Future for Our Children!

  5. It's not just dirt & water! It's like a cell phone tower for communication of our cells. Health is all about communication. I love the analogy that our food is a genomic download! So our computer parts are all there, just not getting the right info to function correctly

  6. Thank you for this awesome info and insight!! I am wondering – Can you somehow put Restore into the Earth or Water Supply? Would that help balance or correct the Effects of Round up and other Toxins in the environment? Or does it only work on humans and animals? Just a thought….. what do you think? Would it work? I am dreaming of a Utopia World on Earth…. 🙂

  7. Dr Zack said there is a study that showed that people who take supermarket multivitamins die sooner than those who take no vitamins. THANK YOU!! — I've been telling people for a long time taking CENTRUM (the top selling cheap multi) is worse than taking nothing!!!
    Quality multi's cost $20+ for a month supply. "Megafood," for example, makes good ones.

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