1. Been using 5% CBD hemp oil for almost a year now. One has to watch the dosage as to not damage the liver, since it is oil based. Other than that I would recommend it, it certainly does help with vitality, and contains some vitamins even. Think I have some CBD tea as well. Cheers

  2. Ralfy did you know that hemp was made illegal because it was going to put the paper industry out of business because it was easier and faster to make paper from hemp than wood pulp great topic my friend keep up the good work Simon

  3. An additional comment, and a question. Cannabis is a very useful substance, and in my view better for you healthwise than using
    opioid pain drugs. I have a back injury – disk damage. That opioid pain drugs are prescribed for, I have problems with taking them.
    Bad reactions it just plain makes me feel sick, nausea vomiting etc. I hate them, the nasty acute pain has in an everyday sense
    become part of everyday life. You do build a tolerance to that pain, it has been almost 15 years. I've gotten to a point that i do not take them anymore, i keep some for when i push too hard and end up hurting badly and can not deal with it. Otherwise cannabis does the
    job just fine without the bad side effects – which is a positive i feel.
    The question : Osteo arthritis has been sneaking up on me over the years, throw in the back issues and it can be shitty times.
    If i do not move around, walk or ride my bike for even a few days i pay for it. I used to lift free weights almost everyday.
    More reps than heavy weight. Winter is coming fast and the bike will need to be put away.
    Are there suppliments or foods that can help with the fact that lifting for me just plain hurts. I still do it and it will become less painful
    as i lift. But the start up sucks! 30 minutes later no big deal. Any thoughts or suggestions.
    I'm afraid that at 55 years old it will get harder as i get older, and if i stop now even just one day it is as if i stopped for a month sometimes.
    I ask as you have been at this far longer than i and know far more about this than i do. Suggested reading, foods so forth.
    Any thoughts you may have i thank you for. JR

  4. More profit is made from human sicknesses than from human health and well being – that may dear friend is a powerful truth.
    Another one while were at it : good health is only promoted and encouraged due to it saving money for a health provider or
    end payer – AKA your employer. Truthfully, no one really cares if you are healthy or not. Only when that condition creates monetary
    costs does concern begin to grow. You as an individual need to look after your own health, it will never be done for you or will you be helped in that respect. Far too many derive profit from sickness, it's big business.
    You and only you are the steward of your health.

  5. You cant realy right off all the folks that smoke canabus to get high as boring, well you can but its silly lol. The ancients tended to make a tincture and smear it on the skin, must have been cosmic.Only one species of sponge has canabinol receptors like us. Strange to think our brain could have started off as a sponge. You forgot to mention the alcohol industry lobbying against canabus, you missed a trick there Ralfster. Thankfully we live in a world where most people dont need these substances at all. More for me 🙂

  6. Spot on Ralfy. I live in Michigan where cannabis for recreational use just passed this month, yet it's still illegal at the Federal level in the U.S.. Last year my cardiologist filled out the paperwork so I could be registered for "medical marijuana" and it has really helped me to get a decent nights rest. I suffer with chronic back pain and arthritis from old injuries and surgeries. I take a small brownie, one small bite, before bed and sleep well. It's has some THC but higher CBD. I'm 65 years old and somehow got through the 60's without ever using cannabis, or smoking. The Federal Government still has cannabis listed as a schedule one drug, right up there with cocaine, and you are right, the lobbyists are doing all they can to keep it there so they can push their opioids! Take care, Ossie

    P.S. Reading "A Better Human; The Stoic Heart, Mind, and Soul". Those old Stoic philosophers knew what they were talking about.

  7. There isn't any medicinal herb better suited to resistance training than cannabis. Using a non-harmful method of consumption after a long high volume workout is the perfect combination of eating and enjoying a large high nutrient density high protein meal and allowing your body to relax and recover. That's not even getting into the long term benefits you described here! Great stuff as always, Ralfy.

    If you're interesting in anti-aging, you should be looking into fasting. It goes hand in hand with cutting out sugar like you mentioned in a previous video. It is a fascinating topic to research!

  8. Great topic, and video. This is a little side of cannabis, but about 10 years ago, I woke up to the negatives of soy protein (especially hexane was a concern, now it would be round-up) and replaced it with Hemp protein. An unexpected side effect was my sinuses/allergy issues disappeared….to this very day. I don't use protein powders at all anymore, but continue to incorporate cold pressed hemp seed oil and seeds into my salads, and I'm telling you, my immune system has benefited tremendously.

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