The 420 Lifestyle Show: Municipal Marijuana

The 420 Lifestyle Show: Municipal Marijuana POT TV – Tune in to The 420 Lifestyle Show with hosts Carly Marley and BCbudgal. This week we take a peek at …


  1. cmon man. why you letting crap king seeds be a sponsor..they steal genetics and rename them. bc bud depot is another. thats pretty bad man cmon open your eyes and stop selling out to anybody whiling to sponsor you.. its under cutting the original breeders who probs spent a fortune and lots of man hours developing that particular cultivars. can take years so these fakers can go do one.. sorry for being negative but these vultures are the scum of our community. stealing peoples hard work and passing it off as their own. royal queen seeds are the same. to name a few crap king seeds knock offs. original skunk. original breeder. sensi seeds or sam the skunk man, super silver haze which is green house seeds, white widow, sour diesel, bubba kush, green crack, northen lights. their whole menu is stolen genetics. idiots who are monopolizing off of other peoples work. most are fem seeds so theyll just be hitting the fems they steal with pollin then calling them the original strain name which they arent. or they are selfing the fems. either or. frauds scumbags !

  2. I miss the show due to work but here in Michigan we see a lot of the same strains you have, currently Im working on some NYC Diesel, everything I have smoked comes exactly as it is described on leafly.

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