1. pam, thank you so much for this. i've been uncomfortable with both sides of the "political" debate on gun violence. this gives perspective and important information for people to reevaluate the intractable, narrow and misinformed stance on this issue.i am going to share this with as many people as will have the attention span to listen to it.

  2. I want to agree with Dr. Breggin, so my comment is not a challenge to him. I do not see the shooters at schools and into other crowds as being compliant with medication regimens. They may have been prescribed anti-depression medications, but did they take them? Because of lack of compliance, can the medications be implicated? I am a nurse. People do not take many of the medications that are prescribed to them. Thank goodness in most situations.

  3. Yes, earlier this year in here in Holland we had a case of a Syrian man stabbing three random people in a row, according to the papers he shouted "Allah Ahkbar" during it, so there was a small discussion on whether he was a terrorist or just a deranged individual. But somewhere in the article, it mentioned the man had just been released from a psychiatric hospital, it didn't mention whether he was medicated, but knowing a little bit about how that system works big chance he was put on some form of medication, so whether he was still taking meds or was suffering from detox, who knows, but I doubt that's what the authorities are worried about, he'll no doubt do some hard time for a very long while.

  4. Thank you both so much for discussing this important topic in an open and honest way. I must admit I was surprised when I saw this headline on your health channel Pam. I wasn’t expecting anything other than health but of course it’s mental health and that’s affected by what goes into our body. I hear about school shootings in the US and am always thankful that we have much stricter gun laws here in Australia but hadn’t thought much about the drugs these kids may have been taking. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Dr. Popper. You should to a video clip on the "psychopath diet." I wonder how far it is from the SAD. It seems like the timelines we're talking about for the appearance of school shootings aligns pretty well with the fast-food and junk-food (convenience foods) explosion in this country.

    There is something I term 'hanging axon/dendrite syndrome.' I do not believe that anyone is naturally psychotic. I think what happens is that the brain attempt to learn better ways of dealing with stress, but in a malnourished condition neurons in the brain fail to receive steady streams of nutrients which stops neuron development. When they are unable to develop at a rapid enough pace people are unable to learn how to deal with stress and go into a tailspin of psychosis. The probable culprit is neural insulin resistance in the parts of the brain that require it for glucose uptake. It likely affects the rest of the brain too, but insulin is a major issue.

    Thanks for your video clips. Much appreciated.

  6. I see NO comments??? Can any of us, (myself 40 years) in the health care industry not know this is truth?!!!! I remember sitting around with the rehab team one afternoon when we'd finished all of our patients and we looked at each other and out it came: more than 80% of our work was counteracting the side effects of drugs, not the actual presenting condition! Cheers and waving pom-poms to you, brave souls.

  7. I had a boyfriend who was put on these psychiatric drugs. I never saw such a radical change on personality. His normal self was friendly and a political. His drugged self was angry, rude a fiercely political. He was vegan then he became anti vegan. The doctor said he was missing some chemicals in his mind. The doctor ruined him.

  8. I love this channel and I really enjoyed this talk/guest/topic however I must respectfully disagree with his interpretations of school shooting causes that he presents at the beginning of the talk.
    You have countries like Japan where their children are exposed to media (especially video games, movies, and cartoons) that is much more violent and sexually explicit than in North America yet zero school shootings result (and much fewer children born out of wedlock and less crime in general, especially violent crime).
    The people who do not want us to look into the state of families deflect the attention and blame gun, and the people who do not want us to criticize guns deflect the attention and blame video games and culture… It is neither guns nor mainstream culture but rather the breakdown of strong family support structures. Once that is gone, the child becomes vulnerable to bullying-induced “killing-motivation” (because the sense of isolation now complete, both family and community) and then vulnerable to culture-induced “killing-imaginations” (media plays a role here) and more generally, to any outside influences. Combine that with an inept school system that is completely ill-equipped to identify and deal with these cases and instead expel 8-year-old boys for chewing their pop tart into the shape of a gun…
    I do believe there is validity in the contribution of psychiatric drugs but, like guns and media, I don’t think that is at the root of the issue. If a child internalizes the love and support of a functional family that will invariably impart a sense of right and wrong, then that child can overcome bullying and keep outside messages in their place. No need to confiscate guns or police culture. We need to focus on (1) reasons families are breaking down (including somethings as simple as over-worked parents) (2) bring adult judgement back into society, in this case to school personnel (meaning they must get some leeway if they make a mistake otherwise, they will simply always follow an administrator-approved course of action, even if they know better. This is a similar conundrum that doctors, including psychiatrists, find themselves in). This is getting long so I’ll stop here, thank you for reading if you made it this far!

  9. The reports are that Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, didn't have any drugs in his system at the time of the shooting. Does Dr. Breggin know if Adam Lanza was on psychiatric medications at any point? Apparently, he had Asperger's and obsessive compulsive disorder in the past. Maybe he was prescribed drugs at some point.

  10. I respect both this channel and the Doctors but I have one question and that is, what is the determining factor for this happening in our country where other countries that have video games, media, and drugs dont have this problem? Does the United States prescribe more psychiatric drugs than any other country?

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