1. Thanks for checking my channel out. I really appreciate the views and subs. All your girls are looking awesome. That super skunk is about to put on some serious weight. Cant wait to see her at day 60 or so.
    One strain I can recommend is Blue Amnesia XXL Auto
    by Dinafem I grew 3 here https://growdiaries.com/diaries/12604-2-blue-amnesia-xxl-autos/week/70025 over last summer. I did not get any videos. Videos are a new thing for me.
    Blue Amnesia XXL is really good smoke, everyone loved it.
    These are the seeds I have for the next grows and also I just love collecting seeds. So subscribe if you want to follow along.
    15 O.G. Kush Auto by Seed Stockers
    7 Auto Critical Orange Punch by Dutch Passion
    9 Blue Amnesia XXL Auto by Dinafem
    4 Krippleberry Auto by Dr Krippling
    9 Cheese XXL Auto by Dinafem
    5 Amnesia XXL Auto by Dinafem
    4 Incredible Bulk Auto by Dr Krippling
    5 Auto Blueberry by Bulk Seeds (free seeds)
    3 Auto Northern Lights by Vision Seeds (free seeds)
    1 Mango Bubble Cloud Auto (free seeds)
    2 Auto Pineapple Gum by Black Skull Seeds (free seeds)
    14 Blue Whale Auto= Moby Dick XXL Auto X Blue Auto Mazar (bought on Ebay…yes Ebay)
    600+ Auto Night Queens seeds bread by me.

  2. Great video. 👌
    That gorilla glue at the back on the left I would definitely flush with some ph'd water collect the run off and check the reading of the run off.. and decide from there if you want to flush her for a few days.
    The other girls look awesome 🔥
    Keep the vids coming. GL ✌🏽✌️

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