Quit Smoking Q&A: Effective Quitting Methods, Coming Down after a Hard Day and more

What are the most effective ways to quit smoking? How can you ‘come down’ after a hard day without a cigarette? How much of a setback is it if you relapse?


  1. Champix made me suicidal, I am not a depressive person at all. Two weeks on it and i wanted to end it all. The only reason i didn't was because of my dog. Never took another tablet, it was horrible.

  2. Hi Chris! Thanks for another great video & for reading and answering my question 😀 I had been on vacation last week & had anxiety before going. It was a visit back to where I'd lived for the first half of my life & where my smoking & drinking began. I'm happy to say I did not relapse on either habit. I DO feel stronger for getting through this. Thank you for your support! ❤

  3. Hi Chris, just subscribed, thanks for the vids, in mid 30’s , I have smoked on and off for years, both parents smoked, my mom on and off and always saying how much she lives smoking, and my Dad just passed away of lung cancer in early 60’s, hopefully this is my last time and for good, jumping on the wagon to join all of you.

  4. Before I leave home for work I make sure I have my headphones with me, as during my lunch time, instead of smoking (and smoking and smoking more), I now go out and walk around the area listening to your words. You have become my daily companion! 2 1/2 weeks today. Thank you so much Chris!

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