“Please hold me accountable so I can quit smoking”

Some people start YouTube channels in the hope that they can get other people to hold them accountable in order to help them to quit smoking. Video discusses …


  1. As others have said countless times Joel.. You gave me my life. I was a child to smoking parents of the 60's and born in 1979 when it was social to smoke everywhere and it was looked upon by society as something you should do to be social as part of the brainwashing by the tobacco companies (smoking or non smoking on airplanes). My mother passed away this October from COPD due to smoking after a long battle that drained her social security as well as life of enjoyment. My father is still smoking at the age of 76 and you know how it is.. Its pointless to say anything.

    I started smoking at the age of 13 and it is now 4 years for me as a non smoker at the age of 39. I never thought i could break free. I tried everything, patches, gum, the damn pharma pills that cost a fortune, i even went and tried talking to a so called "addiction psychologist".. nothing worked. And i begun having severe problems with my health (which i will like to keep private). But having patience and watching your videos and learning and understanding this addiction gave me the tools and knowledge what i was battling and dealing with to finally break free.
    In these years have i been tempted? Oh yes… Have i had thoughts about how wonderful a cigarette would taste?.. You bet your bald head i had. But reason and knowledge has always reigned.

    As you said, the one cigarette is good and pleasant how the brain works to trick you, but with the one comes the thousand of others and the flood gates are opened again to a drug addiction that impairs the quality of life and will most likely cost me my health and eventually my life.
    Thankfully in the western world today cigarette smoking is forbidden almost everywhere socially and looked down upon in society and that is only positive. I am not trying to find excuses, i know full well that i am dealing with an addiction that i can fall back into as million others. I understand it all too well. And that is depressing but at the same time also liberating to understand and have the knowledge thanks to you <3.

    I really want to say from the bottom of my heart …Thank You Joel. You gave me my life back. <3

  2. Joel, thanks a lot for helping me to quit smoking for a 7 months period. I recommend your videos to all the smokers I know because obviously you know what you're talking about way better than others. So I relapsed yesterday and smoked 5 cigarettes.. I was really bored and stuck in a depressing routine so it happened. Do you think it will be hard to quit for good today, will I need another month to stop the newly ensued physical addiction? Cheers, Ken

  3. I used/consumed tobacco specifically through the practice of smoking tobacco more specifically through smoking tobacco cigarettes and through smoking tobacco cigars 45 times and I just stopped never used/consumed regularly never chain smoked either tobacco cigarettes or tobacco cigars never fully orally inhaled only partially orally inhaled and I never associated/affiliated in-and-with socialising/networking circles where other people/person's used/consumed tobacco specifically smoked tobacco more specifically smoked either tobacco cigarettes or tobacco cigars

  4. I think you're absolutely right. You have to hold yourself accountable. There are a bunch of positives to quitting publicly on YouTube, but expecting others to hold you accountable just isn't one of them.

  5. Joel, I'm In a quit smoking support group on Facebook. I'm 3 weeks quit as of today. I shared your channel with the group.

    I also wrote something on the video link post that I want to Share with you.

    "Joel Spitzer.
    A man I've never met but a man who has changed my life. I'm 3weeks quit yet watch his vids here and there to reinforce my quit.

    Before my quit date, I was both intrigued with Joel – and I was angry at him. See, when one smokes, they don't like anyone pointing out how gross and silly and wrong it is. "Leave me be, I know it's bad." we say.

    I got mad at him because (in my eyes as a then smoker) he was grinning and talking in a "laughing" voice as he'd talk about things smokers say, and it irritated me. How dare this guy laugh at my cigarettes and make me feel foolish? What a jerk! I don't need his drivel.

    So I quit smoking a week later. I had been returning to his vids and website just to read here and there and, wouldn't you know, his info made my quit 99% easier. Aside from a hellish 45 minutes on day 2, I've been calm, fine, able to laugh off cravings….. I watched his vids religiously that first week and a few days and I saw that my being angry with him was so so wrong .

    His laughing voice IS legit . What I mean is, it IS silly hearing the very things I used to say as a smoker. SILLY! So utterly hilariously sad and so utterly hilariously true.

    I want to link you all to Joel's YouTube. I'm sure some know of him. But for those who do not, please check him out. You WILL hear yourself in all his vids.

    Shockingly, he's never smoked a day in his LIFE, but he has the smokers mindset and words down pat as if he smoked 8 packs a day for 79 years. Trust me. Joel WILL help you see how literally easy it is to quit and stay quit for life and not even worry about a cig ever ever again.

    Subscribe and start watching. He's positively brilliant and I guarantee you'll learn things you never ever thought of regarding quitting."

    Joel, even though you obviously don't know me and surely never knew how I felt as a smoker (regarding my then" how dare he laugh, etc" feelings) , I have to apologise for my then smoking self being angry with the" laughing " tone of your voice. It's exactly as I put it above. Smokers don't want anyone telling them what they already know. They don't like being" reminded " how stupid and horrifying it is. We are in denial despite knowing the truth. I honestly watch your vids daily and I'm laughing along with you on how…… Self brain washed I was as a smoker.

    You're a beautiful and kind Human being. I'm truly grateful my internet path crossed yours. My quit has been honestly easy due TO your wise words. You're so correct. It IS easy to quit. Saying "NOPE" (Not One Puff Ever) and "never take another puff" is my daily mantra. Another is, " Craves are super silly. The moment we quit we are non smokers. So when we get bent out of shape with a craving, we are making ourselves miserable as we fight to not do what we are ALREADY NOT DOING."

    Thank you, Joel. Your words help me stay quit. They help me strive to forever remain free. I'm an addict. I'm forever one puff away from a pack a day.

    Much MUCH love to you, you wonderful man, you.

  6. Hey Joel , thank you for the material. I am in my second week and for the last five days i had a lot of urges and cravings despite watching the playlists in sequence . What should i do , my mind is giving me a lot of reasons to go back to smoking .

  7. joel ive been quit for a while and i dont know why but its getting hard to stay smoke free. I quit 8 months ago but lately ive been really jonesing for some cigs. I cant lie every day ive been craving a lucky strike and i still have somewhat regular dreams of smoking, all with the same plot: me making a decision to start smoking again and enjoyiung it to the fullest… I know that these memories and nostalgia of smoking are romanticized and I wont enjoy nearly as much as my dreams would predict… but still its like a chronic underlying desire that i still havent been able to shake. Whats up with that?

  8. Hi, nice to watch your contributions again! They empower me in this difficult but doable journey. 78 days since I quite✌how soon life passes and it is much better spending it without the misery of smoking cigarettes.

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