Pete Davidson on His Love for Kid Cudi, Life After Rehab and Donald Trump’s Weird SNL Appearance

Pete Davidson joins “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg” for a candid and hilarious conversation about everything from interacting with Donald Trump on “SNL” to …


  1. – Claims hes a wu tang fan and gets a wu tang tatoo.
    – doesent even know the name of the most famous wu tang album.
    Lol when peter showed him that album, pete goes “wu tang forever”. No its not wu tang forever its 36 chambers u half ass dick rider

  2. Wow. With respect to each man's individuality and not to compare but – I see sooo many similarities between him and Mac. The humor, the humbleness, the likability, the obvious battle with substances and that feeling we get watching these interviews, rooting for him. It makes so much sense. Rest peacefully, Mac.

  3. People call him a douche bag but I think it's more so that he's so blunt that it throws them off a bit. Pete is someone who just doesn't care about what others think of him so he just says whatever he thinks. It's refreshing quite honestly.

  4. this video makes me so sad for cazzie knowing he was already with ariana at this time of the interview bc himand cazzie only prob broke up a week or two at most before this interview was posted

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