NEWEST Sub-Ohm SPORT Vape Tank for Thick Oils and CBD by HoneyStick 510 Thread | How to use |

Dan Hoff , COO of HoneyStick introduces the Sub Ohm sport vape tank for oils as the latest 510 thread tank set to offer high quality award winning vape for oils …


  1. Honey girl wasn't inhaling 😆. I want to know what materials are in the coil. Is it cotton, pulp, etc. What's the igniter, steel, mesh, wickless ceramic….? How long does each coil last with an all day vaper? These are important things I need to know.

  2. BEST Sub-Ohm EVER made!!! We've been using it since it came out with ZERO flaws. Works Perfectly!! We will be getting much more Sport Tanks from you guys! Thank you soo much for making this!! Only one on the market! Go Honeygirl, also!

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