1. Great breakdown Mason! of your strategy and reasons for making the trade. Tim Sykes is a knowledgeable, capable teacher and trader. I've been following him for awhile. i made a few trades in the cannabis sector lately.. with mixed results. Anyway, keep it up

  2. Excellent Video Mason. Very well presented and explained. Learning about the train of thoughts from any successful trader is priceless. Thank you very much and please keep them coming. As a side note let me tell you that I had my wife read your blog from Profit.ly and that helped her a lot to understand why this doesn't happen as quickly as she thought. So thank you for that too, and keep up the good work.

  3. Mason, thank you soo much for your video!!! You've explained it slowly & well enough for me to understand. Also in the Tim challnenge. I'm glad u didn't quit! I've taken a bit of a break bec. market's down but had been studying. I hope to be in ur shoes someday! Keep it up & stay humble and true to yourself!!! You don't have to worry abt being a perfect mentor as everybody learns something new everyday, even Tim… Take care & good luck & more success to you. I'll see you in the chatroom:)!!!

  4. PS, The only thing I actually wanted to hear was how you were alerted to the stock and more about level 2 which not many have access to. That big buyer on level 2 was a game changer.

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