1. So Missouri just passed medical Marijuana. I suffer from a failed back fusion along with multiple other issues. I was on a heavy regimen of pain killers such as Fentynol for one. After moving to Missouri from Alaska I quit all opioids. Because no doctor would see me.. Horrible withdrawls, almost died.. Now 1 yr later no opioids at all..
    Anyways. I know ill qualify for a medical card. I'm wanting to know can I get medical marijuana from another legal state and use it in mine? At least until they get a dispensary going? Thanx and sorry for the long post..

  2. I too am from Jersey, in Edison area. I’m also married to an Indian man, Indian people are great here! I too was prescribed super high doses of opioids and I knew it just wasn’t helping for the pain anymore but more like to just feel normal and to function through out the day. So I finally had enough of chasing the devil. Now I never over took my medication always took as prescribed but I’m not afraid to admit I was still addicted/dependent whatever you wanna call it. I was tired of always having to be back home before my next dose. I couldn’t go to India for more than a month because I had to be back in time for my prescription fill. And yes! Let’s all be realistic here I hate when people think your lying when you’ve dropped a pill here and there but that’s the sad part and yes I have dropped a pill a few times in the last 6 years, and if I couldn’t find it I was out of luck until my next dose. Now I know most drs do the right thing but some would rather turn a blind eye and just give the medication. I told my dr many times instead of increasing my dose was there anything else that could be done. All I need up getting was an increase of medication and I just kept being told I was getting used to it and that I needed an increase. My husband even started worrying about how much I was taking because I’d sleep all day and I quit taking care of the home. I also don’t want to go into the judgmental views of pharmacists at the pharmacy. I felt like nothing more than a druggie in a pharmacy waiting to get their next fix. At least that’s how they made me feel. Now, we have this opioid epidemic which just made matters worse. Long story short, i knew there had to be a better way for pain relief without all the side effects. And I’m not going to lie, back in high school and college we all knew that person who smoked marijuana for fun, I never did but I tried it twice I still remember and I still remember the pain relief I got too. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t used for medical reasons, but because it was illegal I steered away from it. That was 15 years ago. I found Dr. Dipan Patel who got me off opioid medication and onto mmj and it was the best decision I ever made. We need to get rid of there opioids and leave them in the hospital for in stay hospital use only, and send people home with a script for mmj. I never heard anyone withdrawal from marijuana but those opioids they just damage your body the longer your on them. I highly recommend anyone wanting to quit they’re opioid medication and go to medical marijuana please I urge you to do so you will be so glad you did. I never want to look at a pain pill ever again. I’ve regained all my energy back, I’m no longer doped up sleeping all day, my bones actually feel better, I’m not in a fog like I got with the pills, I’m eating better and healthier, before I got out of bed I had to take my 1st pill of the day. Today I can shower and eat breakfast 1st. I don’t experience any “comedown” like I did with pharmacuticles no highs and lows. No feeling sick as I’m nearing my next dose. I can go to India and visit my in laws and extended family for as long as I’d like. There was actually a time where I felt suicidal because I never thought I could get off the pills. That’s how much these things take a hold of you. Today my depression from the meds are all gone. The thing with opioids they work for a little while, then they don’t thats just how they work. When people say they’ve been on the same dose for 15 years they’re no longer taking it for they’re pain it’s to feel normal, I was on them long enough to know. And this “high” that everyone talks about from these meds it was there for a month or two and that too, subsided. People don’t take it to get high, in my opinion, they continue to take to feel normal. In the end, it comes down to just not feel sick. That’s why I can understand where a person on heroin or someone that abuses prescription medication come from, not to say that I have sympathy because they got themselves in the situation but at the same time I could see why some people would get desperate to get medication via emergency room etc.. but anyone reading this please I urge you to taper off your opioids and go to a more natural alternative and something with virtually no side effects (other than the munchies) the cannibus plant my friends is the answer. And Dr. Patel thank you for your informative videos, I admire what your doing so much and it’s because of people like you is why my health is as good as it’s ever been in years thanks to Drs like you. Thank you. 🤝🙌👌💪👏👍❤️😁

  3. Hello Dr. Patel,

    My friend is a daily user of recreational Marijuana before he was diagnosed with an acute thalamaic hemorrhagic. There is no surgery because the blood stops bleeding. Can he use a 1:1 THC/CBD by way of vaping? Thanks for your time.

  4. Thanks for sharing. In denmark medical marijuana can be prescribed by doctors from 2018, but the Danish doctor organisation has recommended all its members not to prescribe any medical marijuana, since there is no evidence to back it up. So most medical marijuana patients still have to buy from the illegal market, which most often is different kinds of cannabis oil ordered through the internet from other European countries or from small scale illegal productions in Denmark. I am curious about if doctors in the US are good at sharing their personal experiences with patients using medical marijuana and scientific cannabis research in general?

  5. I have what could be considered a legal question. If I get Urine tested by either Law Enforcement or my Medical Insurance Program – HOW LONG DOES MJ or THC or CBDL stay present AND detectable in MY body?? In MY Blood? Thank You Dr. Patel. Sincerely, JAMES.

  6. Where did you get your training in Medical Marijuana? Sorry this sounds like a kid's YouTube, my son is always on my phone using my YouTube account to post his own videos…but I am 39 and looking to possibly get specific training in Medical Marijuana at Oaksterdam. Have you heard of that school, if so can you please share your opinion or perspective on this School? Thank you so much!

  7. Yep, I've been able to wean down from massive doses of opiates, too. Not completely off, but down. However, a gram of cannabis here in southern California can range from $8.00-$25.00. I can get a months worth of my pain meds for $5.00. I can't afford to use cannabis the way I need to for my chronic pain, and I sure can't be stoned all day. CBD alone doesn't quite do it, although I've added to my daily regimin. Love your videos!

  8. Awesome !!! Thanks for the insight. I have a friend who has just retired from 40 of the emergency room grind. I have sent Him your video, because He was suffering from the same concerns about helping with narcotics. Also, will you be at Kronic Con in vegas this year ??

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