1. If you use Alcohol to Clean your Banger after each Hit You Have to Rinse the Banger Out Under Water or Your Next Hit will Taste Like SHIT… If you Use Dark Crystal Glass to CLEAN your Hitter / Banger out You Do NOT have to RINSE it Out each time Under water just use or wipe it out and You can Keep on SMOKING!! Enjoy Everyone !!

  2. Comment for JCC 707 & Chat, On the Topic of Cleaning your Dab Rig Use a Product Called Dark Crystal Glass. Its Around $24 a bottle about the size of a Standard Windex Bottle.. You are going to want to Use after each Dab, (like should be doing Now), Just put a little bit on a Q tip and Clean Banger After Each Time of Use .. Hope this HELPS Someone…. Here We CLEAN the whole Pipe at the End of each day , so its Clean for the Next Session For that Fantastic Taste !!!! And is Always CLEAN to Show the Piece OFF !! & as Always I Thank You All for what you do for All of us in the Cannabis Community!! WEED NERD !!

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