1. Have been smoking weed for 20 years. Almost everyone who meets me thinks I'm a next level human being. People tell me I'm a genius all of the time. "Too smart for my own good" some say. I'm commended for my patience and insight. I'm told I'm very good with children, and animals. I was a trainer at one of my country's largest companies, where I received much praise for my communication style. The people I taught learned quick.

    I'm told that I'm very clever. I often speak in metaphors and parables.

    If there was a way to measure intuitiveness, I'm sure I would score very high.

    I teach myself. I develop my own models and systems. I test my own theories and beliefs. I learn quickly.

    I try very hard to be a peacekeeper, and not to take sides, unless it's in an effort to defend the vulnerable.

    I remember a time before weed where I felt like an alien, because I couldn't relate to people, for reasons, and so I can't say whether marijuana has helped or hurt me in that regard. Who knows, at this point, what my life would have looked like without it. It's also not something someone should do if they are looking to optimize their health. Honestly, so what? There are people who never smoke weed or drink alcohol but are still battling other demons. There are people who don't consume these things but are still hurting themselves and others in different ways.

    Marijuana might not make me an excellent candidate for war, but there is no doubt in my mind that it hasn't reduced me to the kind of person who should threaten you.

    My own opinion on the paranoia that comes with marijuana use is that it comes from having a part of your brain unlocked that gives you access to new vibrations in the atmosphere that you weren't experiencing before. You get the feeling someone is watching you because you become sensitive to how you are connected to everything and everyone else through vibration.

    I assume that sounds hoky to you, but it's the only way I can describe it to a non-user.

    Look at stoners. They aren't mad. They aren't trying to fight. They are just laughing at their intense appreciation for things.

    Many people who smoke weed do so because it's almost an automatic friendship when you meet another smoker. Not just because they like to get high, but because there is a general expectation of peace.

    Sure smoking it is not healthy because of the combustion, but there are many other ways of consuming it, including cooking with it as if it were another herb or spice.

    What concerns me the most about the marijuana issue is the number of people who just buy the propaganda without experimenting for themselves, or never research the other perspective.

    One of the most paradigm-shifting experiences a person can have is coming to realize that marijuana is not what the people who have never tried it tell you it is. Because once you realize what it is, first hand, and what it's not, you'll begin to question EVERYTHING you once thought to be true – and that is the real reason it's been illegal for so long, in my opinion.

    Thanks for reading. I would normally say "many blessings" here, but the sacred names movement has me buggin' over that, so whatever the vibratory equivalent is to "I hope good things happen for you according to your personal vision and perspective."

  2. I highly doubt the "god" did any clinical trials or any scientific experiments over many years or decades to conclusively determine either how harmful or beneficial weed is. Just like many supporters and opponents of weed today, the "god" was most likely speculating.

    “'Just preliminarily, even getting data on this extraordinarily valuable crop proved very, very challenging,' said Sean Myles, research chair in Dalhousie University’s Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences, over the phone." — https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/vbkkd9/canadian-researchers-are-stoked-about-access-to-legal-weed

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