1. love what you do not sure if you talk live and put a chat site up but that would be great! 🙂 Just want to share as well I met the prime minister, the original, his dad and Justin when I was young. Not to thrilled on them at all but that another story for another time. I suffer greatly from a condition called vertigo, I just woke up one day at 4am out of my sleep and smash it hit me like a ton of bricks, its so bad that when it hits I can walk,stand,move because my legs go all weak and weird for God sake I cant even stand, seriously. A Doctor in a hospital told me to use cannabis lus gravel but still its not legal and when it hits it hits fast anywhere, anytime. Now I understand some might say go to your doctor but my doctor dose not like the use of cannabis I guess she just wants me to die. I have had to go to the hospital 4 times different ones they all say the same its the worse they have seen 2 hospitals recommend cannabis with gravel. I do suffer bad and before this happened to me a couple of years ago, so 43 the vertigo, I never try a weed cigarette but the time came and I was willing to try it even though I was scared and it worked. I as a Canadian back this up 100% passing the cannabis cig law. I just want the government to keep their hands off it and to tell them to leave it to the farmers and professional in this field and that not the government here in Canada. God bless

  2. True that Dan. They'll do it like in The Netherlands. You need to show identification and put your finger in a finger scanner. One day, that information will be used against you, whether financially (by higher insurance premiums) or career wise, etc. There shouldn't be even a law to prohibit you to do with your own body as you see fit.

  3. Ahh, the state loves laws and regulation. More laws = more government = more theft = more corruption which results in a more corrupted society. And yet, the sheeple cheer for it, for their own enslavement, when in the end, it will be 1984 with 99234724853464598 laws which result in an eternal war on the slaves who keep voting their damned lives in a pit in which they and their children can't ever climb out. Just abolish all laws and implement natural/medieval law. Make fun of the clowns and get the message of voluntary/anarchism out there. Decentralize and be an example yourself. That's it.

  4. Your title "Legalizing Cannabis In Canada By 2018 – What You Need To Know" is misleading because you really didn't state much of facts of legalization and instead slammed the government. Not saying that they shouldn't be criticized over legalization but if you're going to have the word "truth" in your youtube channel try to have a bit of integrity yea?

  5. Idiot Trudeau is not going to do anything good for us, Trudeau is out of his mind and thinks we all are stupid, he is the stupid one and an MAJOR IDIOT, you can't beleive a word he sais, him and is cronies all fucking Idiots……that simple

  6. Please understand that TRUDEAU IS A WAHABBI MUSLIM.   He was Baptised as a Roman Catholic and married in the Roman Catholic Church,  but then became a Mohammedan in a WAHABBI MOSQUE in MONTREAL, which according to the American Intelligence Agency has been under investigation for 10 years as a recruiting center for Jihadists for the Muslim Caliphate.   Sorry no free weed for you.  It would be against the tenants of the QU'RAN.   Join the Caliphate for Christianity and become a Jihadist for Jesus Christ the only true MESSIAH and the Son of God.   This message brought to you by REV. Richard of the Universal Life Church.   May the light of Jesus Christ Shine upon You in your journey to find Freedom, Peace and Love in the world.

  7. Trudeau is afraid Canadians & new Canadians have figured out how much of an unqualified doofus he really is & how he is very much in the pocket of other Nations & Corporations outside of Canada while trying to desperately govern his own country, this asshole doesn't deserve to make it to the end of next year for how he should be fired for purposely trying to keep Canada broke while it's being infiltrated by groups outside Canada to forge chaos & at the same time still lock people up for weed while looking like a loser to the entire world thanks Trudeau crime family.

  8. If cannabis works as an herb or medicine, I am all for it! However, I have never seen the benefit of recreational use. Why not get high on life? Trying to escape reality will never actually change the reality of life. Get high on life and work to make a better future for you and your family. The.elites in this world will never care for the rest of us no matter what they say!

  9. Tired of the BS too, I want to see the plan of action and the implementation, before the election, in the way it was promised in the liberal party, for the people not the corporations, and govt cash cows! We know they won't do it in the way we were holding, so what difference does it make which party you vote for next election, its going to be the same fight no matter who wins! The win is never for us! Wake up people!

  10. Great video Dan! Many Canadians are naive and actually think this push for legalization is to benefit them. I tell people all the time to stick to buying from the people they do now even if or when it does finally become legalized. Support the people who have been in the industry for a long time and have been helping Canadians all along. Don't give any business to these crony corporate grow ops.

  11. quote……I think it's a bunch of shit.. theses guy's promises a bunch of shit… they come in and don't deliver the shit… later on they tell you will give you the shit down the road…..

    this guy made my day LMFAO !!!!!!

    all you need to know about politics in a few seconds !!!! ★★★★★ All the way.

  12. This video doesnt even make sense they are proposing the bill in a couple months wtf is he complaining about. The guy is also talking about "medical", umm im pre sure medical use has been legal for almost 2 decades so I idk what is trying to say. And all this shit that is happening people getting arrested and that's mainly because of harper not even bothering with legalization and with the recent raids that has been happening into weed shops is provincial not federal. Some provinces are going shop to shop raiding everything and some provinces aren't trudeau can't just pick and choose which shop is going to get raided, if he was controlling it then every shop in Canada would get raided. SOME REAL FACTS. ALSO getting weed passed on the federal level is extremely hard, it's only been a year that's pretty quick in my opinion. Harper didn't even think about legalization. (I love how the last five minutes are just ads and promotion and he never explained anything just bashing the prime minister.

  13. This will be the heaviest handed legalization legislation anything could ever receive. All dispensaries will be shut down before the first legal day and many lives ruined in the meantime. The laws are being written by a former "top cop".

  14. This distraction from looking to Trudeau who just put through Sharia law. He sold us out. So how could you possibly think he would legalize now. Open your eyes everyone you are being manipulated into emotions that will now put you in jail.Say goodbye to freedom of speech. We only have VOTE of No Confidence left to take our country back.

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