Learn to Spot & Treat Nutrient Burn – Cannabis Plants

Let’s talk nute burn, today on Lex’s world. Treatment, diagnosis, causes…everything! Oscillating fans and pH kits @ Lex’s Horticulture Shop: …


  1. i know the recovery of a plant would depend on the stain but how long, approximatly does it usually take for a plant to recover from nutrient burn ? And does nutrient burn usually stunt the growth of the plant ??

  2. ive been doing this for personal consumption a long time and i never chek ph levels i just know. 1 of the best thing in the world is home made compost its very amazing. and chop up banna peels u can even make herbal tea and water ur ladys 🙂

  3. lol, again you dont have a clue. lack of food looks the same. in fact to much is a lack since its blocked out and cant eat and causes burns. and nutrients are all the same bub., no such thing as weed specific nutes…lol. man your conned by salesmen obviously
    ph out is the cause of ALL nute issues. not some bub. they dont burn till ph goes out to prevent feeding..again its lack of food in the plant that burns. not to much

  4. Hey man I love your channel but I need your help my plant is not looking good from th bottom can I send you pics to your email if so can u please list it…. thanks in advance

  5. Every time I try to watch one of your videos it just sits there with the loading circle, but never loads.

    I've tried on several different devices, I've tried using Wi-Fi and mobile network connection, nothing works. The same thing happens on my Man's phone. But we can click ANY other video on YouTube and it plays….. I'm at a loss and just felt like you should know your upload might be corrput somehow. Which sincerely sucks because no one else seems to have the advice I need on an ailing plant :-/

  6. After watching this video I realized my plant does not have nute burn and the way you described potassium deficiency made me believe that is what is going on. Any tips for how to assist my plant? I am growing in soil and am about 2 months in. It is only on the one plant on a few bottom leaves. Feedback from anyone would be helpful! Thanks😜😤

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