1. Ads like this seriously piss me off. Specially when the medicine I'm currently on has a chance of (and seems to already be appearing in me) inflicting the user with MS. On top of that the drug is largely experimental and I'm on the highest dose increasing the other side effects (suppose to get Humira around once a month, but I get it once a week) :/ Point I'm trying to make is if they're already injecting dangerous products into people then where they fighting so hard against a drug that at worst gives you a high. If that's so bad then I guess they'll have to arrest a good portion of people within the medical field since other medications can also give you a high. Not to mention alcohol is legal and has absolutely NO health benefits. The only reason they don't want people to try this healthier alternative is because the medical field thrives off of people being dependant on the overly expensive ($1000 for one small vial!?) drugs they dole out. Everything this commercial said is better fit to describe a shit ton of drugs our doctors prescribe to us.

  2. Okay this is BS. Weed has already been legal and honestly, it should be used like alcohol. Having a buzz is no different than having a drink. You be responsible and never abuse it. If it's really such a problem, give us your lab results and prove it.

  3. This video feels dishonest. If you want to spread awareness then do that, dont spread mindless fear without any reason. What are the risks? Is it safe(you didn't even outright say in your video, you only implied that it isn't safe)? How do you even define safe?

    What is the purpose of this video? Because it clearly isn't to spread the truth or the facts. Broad statements like: "Remember, just because alcohol is legal, doesn't mean it's safe" are meaningless fear-mongering.

  4. I don't like this.

    1. They trotted out three medical students who say they know the risks of cannabis. The problem is, they are not fully educated in their profession as of yet. They are only half-way or 75% done their educations. How is this important? Because this advertisement puts them as authoritative figures on what to do when they probably don't know something that may or may not be important to their thinking about how cannabis affects the body. This makes me think they merely put them there to resonate with the target audience of teenagers, but even then, why not put out a young doctor who completed medical school? And this leads to…

    2. Most of the statements may not even be true. How do we know it clouds people's judgments? How do we know that it could lead to learning problems? Just because an organization named the Canadian Medical Association said so, does not necessarily make it true. Why not put out studies proving such?

    3. Most of the statements could also apply to other addictive things like pornography, smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Many people likely already know about the dangers of doing drugs. This makes me think that this was done in a timely manner because the Canadian government legalized weed.

    This is an utter sham.

  5. Okay whatever these medical practitioners have claimed in this video is absolutely true. But I am surprised why are they not making videos about mcdonalds or Denny's which is used more than cannabis in Canada and has more severe side effects? Or why are they not making videos about the effects of alcohol? And why are they not stating the positive effects of Cannabis? This is the government. Government is telling them what to do. Government does not care about its people. And also this channel is owned and produced by the Canadian government. If marijuana was such a bad thing why would they have legalized it after almost 100 years. Thats because the only thing they care about is making money not the health of a citizen. They would also make Heroin or opioids legal recreationally if that meant a benefit for them. The only reason the legalized marijuana is because they dont want the money to be made by the dealers and instead they want to have a profit for themselves. The truth is Marijuana does have side effects but they are minimal and only apply to people who use it regularly and daily. If you are using it recreationally or occasionally it is actually good for you. Alcohol was not prohibited neither were cigarettes WHY? Shouldnt people be allowed to do what they want as long as they are not hurting anyone. I mean that is a thumb rule of a democracy. Wake up people. Smell the coffee. Democracy=Hypocrisy.

  6. a lot of doctors get a cut of what they prescribe, i think doctors are scared of the health benefits of cannabis. i get the whole "no one knows all the bad shit cannabis can do to you". but run your tests. get the exact answers, don't just make it seem scary. but for a large gorily its a lot less dangerous than the effects prescription drugs have on your liver and other organs. no to mention its much safer then alcohol and cigarets. its just personally great because I'm cautious about how prescription drugs will affect my liver because my grandfather died of liver failure after taking the medication he was prescribed.

  7. You are ignoring the fact that there are over 1000 different strains of cannabis with different ratios of molecules (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids) inside. The real risk is smoking or ingesting large amounts of THC without significant amounts of CBD which is a molecule in cannabis that is antipsychotic which is neuro-protective and also protects against memory loss. CBD reduces the negative effects of THC. So stop saying cannabis is this or that, bad or good. It represents more than a thousand varieties of the same plant family. Prohibition is anti-science. And you are way late, friend. Sorry.

  8. Doctors perscride DEATH pills every day! Legal doctor perscribed drugs kill more then all illegal drugs combined. So with that fact, maybe your doctors advise is more like an attempt at an experiment, that people really should not want to be part of… Why dont you be open about how doctors get financial kickbacks for perscribing drugs regardless of the side effects, including DEATH! You fear people providing medicine/cannabis to themselves and others at little to no cost, while cutting you out of the money loop.

  9. Sugary drinks cause 184000 deaths worldwide annually, including 25000 deaths in the United States! The CDC has reported ZERO DEATHS EVER from cannabis! Energy drinks kill kids every year… yet you dont care… Your money driven and your popaganda is a pathetic attempt to protect big pharma, while it gets crushed by a little plant….

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