How Far Is the N.Y.P.D. Willing to Go to Make a Pot Arrest? | NYT – Visual Investigations

A traffic stop in New York led to a young black man being arrested for possession of marijuana. What happened? The New York Times obtained videos that offer …


  1. The internal investigators should be brought before a citizen commission to determine their credibility in further law enforcement investigations. Also, the DA should bring forth charges against the officers for falsifying evidence, malicious arrest, violation of civil rights, abuse of process, and false imprisonment.

  2. Dirty little piggy đŸ· đŸ· 🐖 planting some weed in a black man’s car… I bet you that was the cops joint that he was smoking earlier that day. This is why blue lives don’t matter. These pigs need to be sent to a pig shed where they belong.

  3. Not only the NYPD but this happens all over this country to young black men. This is what they do to us and it needs to come to an end crooked cops

  4. Cops who patrol urban areas are not to be trusted by any minority. Period.
    They will out right lie to justify and secure an arrest. I don’t trust any of them. Never have. Never will.

  5. The police shouldn't be as pressured to make arrests. Yes, they should arrest people who are breaking the law, but they shouldn't arrest people to fill a quota. That's when stuff like this happens.

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