i seriously am going to move & drop out of school , watch . THIS VIDEO IS FOR ADULTS 21+ & MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS ONLY!!! THIS VIDEO DOES …


  1. wow i needed this video. im so happy for you. im proud that your gonna be doing you. im literally trying to figure what i want to do in life but im stuck. this really helped me thank you DEST!

  2. dude yessss!!! i dropped out of college too recently & ive been in training to become a first level entry broker!! you dont need to go to college to become successful & thats faxxx. if anything its debt & a waste of time FOR ME lmao but then again its not always that for everyone else. but i got a girl you can hit up thats in so cal, you should message her! i swear you will not regret it โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿค‘

  3. Also youโ€™re gorgeous as hell! I wanted to tell you about this face wash I used when I started breaking out back in high school I used CETAPHIL itโ€™s was legit the best moneys worth spent! No fragrances nothing crazy but natural and very life changing dude NO LIE

  4. I love you Dest! Youโ€™re amazing and so inspirational. You donโ€™t care what people think of you and thatโ€™s what others need to understand. It YOUR life. You do YOU. Do what makes you happy, not what everyone wants you do to or them see. Love you mucho!

  5. Boo itโ€™s only your 1st year 1st semester please stick it out donโ€™t let weed and YouTube get in the way because what are you going to do when those are gone? Be successful boo and see maybe if you like it and give it a chance

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