1. All strains Herm at some point its nature. Usually the biggest best yielders herm more often and sooner than some of the freaks and lower yielding but super potent plants. Everytime i get a big bad ass yielder i can almost guarantee if i let that thing run to week 9 itll start to slip out the odd nanner and it doesnt mean its shitty genetics just means that plants knows its damnnn good and it wants to pass on its genetics haha Cheers

  2. In ideal conditions, around day 17, 1 out of 6 phenos of Cinderella 99 had a lot of nanners, no pollen sacks though. Not a big deal, it can happen with all genetics.

  3. Thanks for talking bout my post guys!
    So since I do, Dual Root Zone Aquaponics and I get certain nutes from my fish water.
    I am trying to make soil tailored to my situation.
    Pretty much a bloom heavy soil low in N.
    After I get a Melich 3 test done I plan to reach out to Tad and Jeremy to see if they can help me with a dual root zone aquaponics mix.
    Or just buy a bloom amendment pack or soil from Tad or Jeremy lol

  4. Yep you can’t state with confidence that your seeds never herm. That’s just an absurd statement to any of us who have done this any length of time. To “make your own decision” as Scotty says I guess is to realize that people’s ego sometimes will make them never admit fallibility, and sure the small percentage that does herm is gonna catch up with you n YouTube comments if anywhere. Me souls genetics are awesome just like bodhi, but Bodhi would never make such a preposterous claim. Also I double and triple up plants all the time

  5. This was the perfect example of what the community gets from this podcast/ show with the young man I believe using recharge and his plants had been drowned out back when soul mans seeds hermi'd the first time calling for a premium of $500 10pack limited series hybrid fem seeds. Also he had mammoth p plus the soil king having personally made a special no fail DGC diarrhea blend for a last hookup of biojiz nutes coupon code dude your on you way to the moon based on the tools mentioned right here. Problem is he forgot to learn to just leave the plants alone put the light way higher then suggested and nutes have little or nothing to do with photosynthesis taken light and C02 to turn into sugar and then creating oxygen. I love this place but kids need to know how not to kill the plant b4 becoming the scrupulous nupers "took that from Rick and Morty " level influencer. Get $100 seeds from oh dude to just overwater and killing it Wk 2. Who would want to quit after nothing as planned came 2🐝 lol no bs shout out to beenails true sponsorship material all around good for the community. Next time buddy just throw in colloidal silver as a pmg foliage feed back door style you'll be OK

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