Full Actors Roundtable: Tom Hanks, Gary Oldman, John Boyega, James Franco | Close Up With THR

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  1. That fact John Boyega is there is silly! Not yet.pump your brakes buddy! . to many superior actors way ahead of him, Mahershala Ali, Chiwetel Ejiofor , Anthony Mackie, Idris Elba should be there with those polished actors.

  2. some of these guys have to be sitting there thinking, man I hope to get a part like some of these guys have had. Dafoe literally played Jesus, Hanks in Philadelphia, Oldman in…well lots of things (true romance). the timing of some of these parts has to be the worst thing, to want to do something so bad but you're in a contract already, or you're shooting in another country. Must suck some time.

  3. What if you had the opportunity to stumble upon your best friends having a conversation?? You feel like you'd like to jump in and say something or redirect the conversation but you are paralyzed in the awe of the moment.

  4. Hollywood can go suck a fat dick … all the money they spend on garbage movies while they complain about tragedy in the world from their twitter account while they get bo-tox and Capachino deliverd pool side from their Mansion . Fuck these idiots

  5. Is Gary Oldman a doorknob? Winston Churchill is the same as Hitler. Look at the atrocities he did on Indians when India was still under British rule.
    If he was anything, he was the bastard of the devil.

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