1. I cannot clarify why this works but this quit smoking guide “fetching zemzem site” (Google it) does. The truth is, every information that this book provides is nothing brand new. However as I read through it, and then completed it. I was over my vice entirely. I`ve had no concerns being around other smokers in previous bring about circumstances..

  2. It functions if you read it. I smoked marijuana since I was 15. Read this give up smoking guide “fetching zemzem site” (Google it) and haven`t desired to smoke ever since. It seems like magic to me. My husband and little girl were also astonished about my cessation. Look into the guidebook and you`ll give up. The book may have the general information about smoking, nevertheless, its technique of presenting specifics makes it simpler for everybody to comprehend thus effectively using it to end the addiction. I feel new ever since I have completely stopped being hooked on the vice.

  3. Hey, thanks for letting us know about this, very helpful 🙂 You don't have to go through months of suffering to quit weed, or control it, if you're doing a quick detox the right way. Try googling Nemery Thentel for a program that works within a week and reduces or eliminates cravings or the possibility of relapsing ever again.

  4. good on you bro. you're still young at 20 lol keep it up and maybe get into some meditation and natural eating to help the mind body and soul . I quit at 25 … daily smoking since age 13 . Best decision ever

  5. I have done almost all drugs except heroin and am addicted to none 2 months sober from alcohol weak minds will get trapped into drugs. Glad you made it out good luck on your journey in life.

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