Dr. Milanes Discusses the Benefits of Cannabis Use over Opioids | The Exit Drug

Dr. Milanes from The Exit Drug (documentary) explains how easy it is to prescribe an opioid and shares patient testimonials of how cannabis has benefitted them …


  1. Five years ago I cold turkeyed off 20 yrs. of Dr. prescribed opioids . Lots of them. Cannabis has replaced any need for any pain medicine. Whether it is a joint pain or a bad neck stiffness, even relieves the pain that remained after a botched knee replacement. I make my own topical cream with cannabis and coconut oil. And now with the development of C B D’s I won’t be “stoned” just pain FREE! May 1st will be 6 years of just medicating. I’m off Disability and now working a cool job. Pain free! Aloha

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