Cannabis Perpetual Harvest Setup Guide – Growing Cannabis 201 – Advanced Grow Tips

Learn the basics behind how a 3 zone cannabis perpetual grow works. Start with a small perpetual cannabis grow and learn how to maintain a continuous …


  1. Im a medical pt. Thank you so much for this vid. I was having trouble figuring out the ratio of space I needed for my areas and your explanation cleared a lot of fog. Thank you.

  2. I did this several times but bcs of my job I wasn't able to buy new soil. After the 4th grow my plants started having a huge N2 deficit, even when I water my plants with liquid nutrients. Once the N2 deficiency starts, the leaves on the plants in flower will start to decay from the bottom up. If the plant doesn't have enough leaves it will produce more leaves instead of buds. A single of this plants wont give more than 10g. Lesson learned, hope this helps you

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