1. It’s nice for sure. The problem is that it’s becoming another cash cow for big business. I’ve noticed that a vast majority of the dispensaries that have opened, have multiple stores opening. The little guys that’s have been fighting for legalization for years are getting pushed aside unfortunately.

    Came across your channel a few days ago. Keep up the great reporting.👍👍

  2. It won't happen in this country, it's been exposed we are the biggest exporter of cannabis to countries where it is legal. And the prime ministers husband has shares in the company. I was gutted when I found that out, as I thought once our government saw how much money they could make from how much America has made from the states where it is legal it would prompt them to legalise it here. But if they are already making the money from selling it to other countries we've got no chance. It would be political death for the Tories to legalise it anyway, have to wait until they are out to further the debate.

  3. I have been proposing to the Climate Frightened Scientific community that we should be doing a Johnny Appleseed approach to hemp and start throwing seeds in fields now since nature is all screwed up. Maybe some will take root and next summer we can have a harvest. Hemp is 7X better as a CO2 trap than trees. We can use this plant to replace plastic. And if we get the roots in the soil maybe we can restore the firous network in the soil that decades of Roundup use has killed. I will be filming my presentation soon and there are photos of the topsoil in Switzerland. It is sterile and dead.
    We also have to find a plant or lichen to seed the Permafrost that is melting to try to stabilize the soil.

  4. Congratz to Canada for getting a little bit of democracy. However, these limits of grams vs plants are completely retarded. You can grow 4 plants but only have 30 grams. Lol. Do they realize that you can easily get hundreds of grams per 4 plants? There are people who managed to get POUNDS PER ONE PLANT.

  5. The only reason for the PROHIBITION on Canabis (HEMP) is the generation of "illegal" revenue feeding the Weapon Industry. Countries (or Groups) without a sufficient GDP are given an opportunity to arm them selfe with what's made in USA, GERMANY, BRITAIN, AUSTRIA, FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, a.s.o. If having a spliff you'r supporting either Hesbollah, Taliban, USA, CHINA, RUSSIA ! Wouldn't it be great supporting your local Farmer instead ?

  6. Cannabis is proven against pain (& muscle spasms) in MS & Canada has been at the forefront of MS research for years. I think it had a big part in their 'for medical use' legislation & plays a large part in pressure groups in the UK (as I mentioned before 'Sativax' can be prescribed by a Neurologist in the UK).

  7. The UK is the world’s largest exporter and producer of cannabis-based medicines.. British company, GW Pharmaceuticals, is the global leader in developing them & enjoys a monopoly on legal cannabis in the UK, …Theresa May’s husband, Philip May works for Capital Group, which holds the majority of the shares in GW Pharmaceutical.
    GW Pharmaceuticals chairman Geoffrey Guy is a Conservative party donor. British Sugar is the company that cultivates the cannabis plants for GW Pharma..Paul Kenward the managing director of British Sugar, which is licenced by the Home Office & is married to Victoria Atkins a tory MP..She was appointed Drugs minister in 2017 & opposed cannabis reform. she was appointed Drugs Minister,because Theresa May was looking for someone who was a hard-line prohibitionist. She is a criminal Barrister & specialised in prosecuting serious organized crime, such as international drug trafficking rings. THE UK AINT EVER GONNA LEGALIZE WEED

  8. Yes we are 17 years behind with basic liberties like legally using a natural Herb but were years ahead when it comes to cracking down on Freedom of Speech, Mass Surveillance and Thought Crime prevention xD
    This country has been turned into such a backward regressive cess pit on so many levels I am lost for fucking words some days.

  9. In fact it's prohibition 2.0. You should see all the laws adopted by cities about public places, like pot muffins are prohibited in public places…. how they would know!. . And they are going crazy about having thc in your blood while you drive. THC stay in your blood for weeks!.
    My employer will do some random testing to see if you smoked before your shift.
    When it was illegal, the law was not applied anyway because it was ridiculous to send someone in jail for simple possesion.
    Little more tin foil hat argument is that they are going to force saliva test in road block and file your DNA with your driver license.
    This end of prohibitionis Bitter sweet my friend.

  10. Thank you Gordon..for the 1st day in 50 years I am a law abiding citizen.
    I live in southern Ontario…tobacco country. It just so happens hemp loves our soil. It's 4 plants per household. I did hear an OPP (police) spokesman asked what happens if somebody reports their plants stolen. He said it would be considered right up there with stealing the carrots out of your garden for investigation.

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