1. Great job looking into this, it really shows you a few of the many issues with the so called legalization! There are many more glaring concerns, like the actual legal driving limit, and how it could screw over almost all medical users with driving licenses. Specifically once you factor in combining together CBD therapy with THC therapy. If a medical user stops medicating they can still test over the legal limit for 30 days or more AFTER completely stopping. I never medicate and drive, but you have to understand that the legal limit is not an accurate measurement of impairment when it comes to regular medical use.

    Either way, it seems like we are placing way too much power into the hands of police to interpret these confusing laws that, even the government doesn’t fully understand. No matter how relaxed they insist they will be, my lack of sleep could be misinterpreted… then I could be fined or worse. All that using a flawed system to determine if your even impaired or not… one thats not even accepted in court in the USA. (Which was supposed to be some kind of influence, but apparently wasn’t.)

    Check out these two videos (not a big fan of The Fifth Estate, but some info is better than none.):

    The Fifth Estate interview RCMP confirms tests are “subjective”:


    The Fifth Estate, How accurate are the tests?:


    They have a seed shortage? How convenient for these licensed producers, right after the price hike of $3-$4 a gram. From my experience searching prior to recreational legalization the seeds were never available “legally” anywhere. This is not an accidental seed shortage. Isn’t it strange how all of this just happens to fall in the favor of giving the government more money… and not towards helping anyone who actually needs it. Its just sad that the medical community has been kicked to the side for profits.

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