California Cannabis – From Farm to Retail

Justin Calvino, Founder, The Emerald Exchange moderated a panel at the Emerald Outpost in Venice with a cast of characters representing the California …


  1. Thank you Future Cannabis Project! You do fantastic work. GREAT panel! We talked about the event on our show last Sunday. It was fantastic to see it live and meet these amazing entrepreneurs in the space for the right reasons. To save the craft cannabis community. The struggle is real. Thank you Justin for creating the space and finding a way to pull off this event with Bobby. Hezekiah is the shit. We want that poem. Ariel and Eric's knowledge of the space and figuring out the landscape is amazing.
    Join Dave & Chela Sundays LIVE! at 4.20 Pacific for Reefer Revolution: Blunt Commentary on the week's Cannabis News, Pot Politics & Marijuana Media. Covering the fastest growing business in California and the US – but can still get you locked up for life in some states. Maybe everywhere!

  2. i hope this entire industry implodes on itself and we actually get legalization. the bottom line is if these capitalists ventures succeed we will never be allowed to grow cannabis like a tomato, in the open on our lawn in the quantities we see fit. . if however prices drop and it becomes a meh industry and all hype is abandoned then maybe we have a chance for actual freedom and legalization not regulation for profit. industrialized cannabis in a highly regulated market, and without the common man being able to grow and open pollinate the genetic diversity of this plant will be destroyed just like what happened to the plants we eat. fuck your industry you wolves in sheep's clothes.
    the problem however, is the politicians wont ever let this industry slip away, they will regulate it with liqour license like protocols making the licenses themselves a commodity and pricing the avg person out all while assuring he cannot grow enough for himself at home. if you support any of these legal business' then you are part of the problem. don't buy cannabis from dispenseries. support your local black market or as i see it grey market and collectives., or even better grow your own, and break plant count laws if necessary to keep genetic diversity alive, trade and give these seed away to others to do the same. this is the only way folks, please stop being consumerist pot heads and respect this plant and culture

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