1. Don't like hearing cmr in this …kmt..bad publicity…I'm a gaza man enuh…for this I'm not getting this mix if his voice is on it enuh….str8888… watch this nuh…I said blacksan will sneak up unexpectedly and bust,said he should do a mixtape because his music is appealing to teens . I know what I see.. but some man pree comments enuh..then push what you say..no war blacksan..no side..just make music.. and let cpr out..you have good artiste around you…I hear them too

  2. Don't compare blacksan and rygin king..2 different style..rate them both plus car have some good artiste..I listen to them…more times,blacksan make noise too..but you see that song named dead friends…it bad..by next year he'll be a frequent flyer..just needs the right promo

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