2018 Gubernatorial Democratic Debate (Clemson)

05/24/2018 – Broadcast live from the campus of Clemson University. The democratic candidates for governor are: Phil Noble, James Smith, and Marguerite Willis …


  1. Guns should NEVER have a voice at all, they are made to kill things and that is criminal illegal to living things… i don't want a gun politician. i do not want a military person in my government, they tend to be corrupt in one way or another, i believe that all military is barbaric and wrong consciousness for a living planet full of living things that NEED nurturing which is Love and if you say you love one thing but don't love another then you are not loving anything.
    Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, i have lived in 5 different states now and this is the First republican state and the worse state for roads, driver safety, hell i drive down roads without a yellow stripe down the middle, no shoulders means you can't get off the road in case of emergencies and haven't been paved in who knows how long… this state has third world roads, eating up shocks and tires like watermelons on a hot summer day. i believe there should be solar panels on every roof of every building in our state for fossil fuels is why the weather is crazy anymore… the alr and water is being poisoned and that is wrong to us and our childrens future generations
    So… I am going to vote for Phil Noble, he has our best interests… he is for medical cannabis which is needed for our health and well being, he is not a career politician, and while i like the gal i too don't want to see gambling in this beautiful state, it brings crime and violence and egos that we cannot afford. My whole issue is we the people Have to eliminate hate and pollution off the face of earth, and Phil feels right and so he gets our vote. May the goodness overflow in your whole being for truth and compassion for a South Carolina the rest of America can be proud of and not the joke i can see, i say the republican party has failed america for the past 40 years and am doing all i can to progressively move this Fine State FORWARD. Love your Neighbor as your Self. Lets make this State shine like it never has before. I love You and yours more than you may ever know, y'all are so very Precious.

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