What is the BEST CBD Hemp Oil? (Truth About High Quality CBD Hemp Oil)

You can buy CBD Hemp Oil from these reputable suppliers: BlueBird Botanicals: NuLeaf Naturals: …


  1. Hemp grows wild all over NW Missouri, if it contains CBD, or any cannabis plant for that matter, why isn't it used to smoke? Wouldn't that be easier than making a tar or tincture? Can CBD's be delivered by smoking directly from the dried plant?

  2. the best cbd oil is one grown in organically tested clean soil, with a high absorption rate, cold pressed, and no one comes close to Zilis Ultra Cell, I have used it for 2 months and have had amazing results for diabetes, IBS, anxiety, and pain management 0.0% THC

  3. I buy OMG brand from Integrity Marketing, LLC sold through a new website called https://TheUnMLMRevolution.come/JRudisill and it has given me the best results of any that I have tried before. It cleared up a terrible pain from an old injury that kept me from walking very far without me having to limp just to get around. It has 4 pages of 3rd party lab test results for every product from every batch they process. Yes, it is white labeled. It comes from a Farm Bill 2014 farm that is regulated by the state. Any plant that tests over 3% THC is destroyed per the law on the books.

  4. I want to purchase 100% pure oil from a company that's transparent. There are SO many companies w such wish-washy info online. It's overwhelming!
    I'm a Young Living Member-"YL" has a seed to seal guarantee; as a member I can visit fields and distilleries. I'm looking to purchase CBD oil but from a company with this type of transparency. Suggestions??

  5. I took your advise and ordered the 240 mg CBD from NuLeafNaturals, for my Mom's cat, Zero. He came down with pancreatitis and diabetes after a steroid shot for itching. I deeply regretted the steroid!! But, 3 days after I started giving it to him, his blood sugar was normal and he started eating again!! The Vet was blown away and said he'd never seen such a recovery!! Zero has more energy now than he did before the steroid messed him up!! It's amazing!! Thank you for recommending the Nu Leaf Natural company!!! They truly make a wonderful product and it saved Zero's life as he was very sick and refused to even eat!! I truly appreciate your videos on this subject…subscribed!!!💕💕💕

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