1. I dont care if its beneficial or not. If we like it, and its a free country, we should be able to make the choice. Things that are bad for us should not be illegal. They should be clearly marked and spread as common knoledge. I dont agree with making bad choices illegal. I Dont smoke pot but I think we should have the right to use it.

  2. its dumb as shit to watch cops arrest some guy for holding or smoking dope in state A and you can go to the store and buy it in state B. that just shows how fucked up this country is

  3. omg she really claimed suicidal thoughts increase through marihuana use… my personal experience is the EXACT opposite.
    i was suicidal and violent back when i drank alcohol. after getting treated in a clinic, i stopped drinking, which i was only able to do by replacing it with weed, and then reduced the amount i smoked.
    since i stopped drinking, i still had suicidal thoughts: maybe a few times in the first year, about once a year in the following 10 years, and not once since then. back when i was drinking, almost daily. and i didn't start a single fight since i stopped drinking, either.
    if you're talking about the dangers of legalizing weed, you have to compare a stoner to a drunkard, not to an ascetic. i'd rather deal with 10 people who lose control because of cannabis than with 1 person who loses control because of alcohol.

  4. if you grt a mental disorder from smoking weed. weed didnt give you that. weed is a trigger, triggers can be anything such as break ups, divorces and alcoholism shall we ban that too? the panel let this women get away with a lot of bullshit "studies"

  5. if cannabis was legalized and distrubuted by proper officials, it would be harder for a teen to get hands on cannabis because they would need proper ID and papers, with it illegal any kid any age can find cannabis anywhere dosnt matter what state, county, fucking town everywhere you go cannabis is there some where and the person selling it on the street dosnt care what age you are they will take cash and give you what ever you ask for. and may even push HARDER drugs on your fucking children

  6. I am all for pot legalization. I think the medical and economic pros outweigh the cons, and given that alcohol is legal and has nowhere near the number of benefits that pot has, it just seems like a no-brainer to me. I live in Canada, and hopefully Trudeau will keep his word and have it completely legalized by this summer.

  7. Yes – the pro-drug legalization have GOT to focus SOLELY on shoving it down self-righteous cowardly conservative voters' & cowardly democrat & republican politicians' throats that the positive & negative effects of a person consuming drugs is THEIR OWN, is NOT forcing anyone else to take drugs, and should be LEGAL FOR EVERYONE. They have GOT to STOP making up WILD EXAGGERATIONS & LIES about the benefits of pot.

  8. I'm an antinatalist & and animal rights vegan & I SUPPORT gunning down & killing meat-eaters & breeders if I have evidence that they vote republican or democrat or take any sort of moral stand against ANYthing (sexual assault, rape, sexual harrassment, blah blah blah, murder, terrorism, DRUGS – which are NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS – PORN – also nobody else's business). FUCK political correctness. And I don't give a shit if the person I advocate & support killing is a Senator or Mayor or Sheriff or President of any country or Representative or Member of Parliament of any nation or police officer or judge. None of those titles should mean ANYTHING to anyone.

  9. I'm really disappointed in Frank and Bran's Response to SJ's concern about kids and weed. Just because weed might be made legal in no way says that it would then make it legal for Minors. Cigars/cigarettes are "legal" but its still not legal for Kids under the a specific age to buy/have them . SJ is talking like if weed was made legal it would be Ok, and permissible for kids to go out and buy it themselves. Obviously there would be age restrictions similar to cigars/cigarettes.

    There is also the issue that she brings up about accidents and people with weed in their systems being, I think we might not be clear enough about how long weed is in our systems, and for how long it has a measurable effect on our actions. This is something that would need to be studied before weed is made legal, Just because it measurable in out system does not necessarily mean that it still has an affect on us (I would think, I could be wrong)

  10. This is kinda like people that advocate for abstinence only sex education and hopes that this will result in less teen pregnancies.
    Thomason want her kids not to have acces to some drugs which is understandable.
    But its often easier for a teen to get illigal drugs vs legal age restricted drugs.

  11. Some simple facts about cannabis that you seldom hear anyone talk about:

    1. There are hundreds of strains of marijuana with a wide range of effects (sleepy, happy, hungry, motivated, energetic, clear-headed, dreamy, focused etc). There are also negative effects like paranoia, lethargy, thirst, nausea. Obviously, if you experience negative effects you won't be trying it again.
    2. Not everyone, who tries marijuana will have a good experience. There are lots of people that absolutely hate it.
    3. Many people, including school students, unknowingly use marijuana to self-medicate some undiagnosed/untreated issue. For example, if one has high anxiety, ADHD or racing thoughts, marijuana can definitely help. That's why the talk about marijuana being bad for every school student is just wrong. Most kids with mental health issues are never diagnosed or treated. That's the main reason why these kids begin to use any drug — they want to feel better.
    3. The strain and the dose make a huge difference, especially if it is meant for medication. That's where many people use too much or wrong strain the first time, hate the experience and never try it again. If you use it for a medicine, then use it like a medicine. If you are trying to medicate a specific health issue you might have to experiment a lot (thanks to the idiots in the government who kept all research and testing from going forward for many decades. Because of them, all this time was wasted and people that could benefit immensely from it now have to do the research and testing themselves, which can be very costly and time consuming).
    4. Currently, there are two extractable main substances in marijuana: THC and CBD
    THC is the one that makes you high or numbs pain,
    CBD counters the effect of THC and is used for anxiety etc. Look them up.
    5. You don't have to smoke it. You can vape it, eat it, use it like an ointment, use a liquid tincture.

    The main point that I want to emphasize is that we should stop talking about marijuana or pot as if it is just one plant used for one purpose. There are hundreds of strains that are used for many various effects. This is, in my opinion, a very big problem, which causes any talk about marijuana to be very misleading and it turns away a lot of people who could potentially benefit from one of the strains. Stop talking about smoking pot to get high. The days of street marijuana are pretty much over. We can now pick and choose a specific strain and use it as a treatment of some ailment with a very specific dose. Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time. I have personally tried many different cannabis products until I found one that worked for me, most of them didn't. That's why you can't just shove any "marijuana" in your body and expect it to just work. Go online, research it. One thing that you might notice immediately is how different your experience can be from other people. That's precisely why all this talk about everyone getting high while smoking pot is so misleading and wrong.

    Good luck.

  12. Arguing for the criminalization of marijuana is about as intelligent as arguing for criminalization of coffee. It is a totally made up issue, in other words, it is a non issue. If you won't argue for criminalization of alcohol, then marijuana shouldn't even be on your mind.
    I would argue that most people that are against marijuana have no clue what it actually is.

    BTW, marijuana can stay in your system up to a month, but 6-24 hours after ingestion it has zero impact on your actions (even though it is still in your system).
    I have yet to see anyone provide correct information about marijuana. Anti-weed people still talk about it as if it was a street bought weed for recreational use, which is just silly. They also talk about it as if it affects everyone exactly the same which is just IDIOTIC.
    The lady that talked against marijuana use is plain ignorant. All of her information was absolutely useless.

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