Treating Anxiety With Marijuana: New Research You Need to Know | MedCircle News [2018]

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  1. I’ve taken a few types of CBD oil without THC and none of them really did much for anxiety. I have also taken oil with small amounts of THC that helped my anxiety, sleep, pain and other symptoms from chronic illnesses. I feel like the small amount of THC boosts the CBD and you get better effects that way. That being said, it is very expensive, not legal everywhere and very hard to get for a lot of people. There are still a lot of states that it’s hard to get even if you have a medical marijuana card. They need to pour a ton of money into medical research and education for doctors so more doctors (in legal states) can “prescribe” CBD oil with THC (or other forms of marijuana).

  2. Between my mental disorders and my pain disease i have been through periods where i was over prescribed to hell and back. When medical marijuana became legal in my state my doctors had me jump right on it.

    Cbd and medical marijuana products have been a life saver. I can now live a fairly normal life with therapy, acupuncture, medical marijuana, cbd And only two pills for my psych issues. A handful of years ago before NY legalized it i spent most of my time in bed drugged up barely coherent sometimes. Cbd especially helps with the muscle issues my disease causes and easing the tension and spasms helps destress me and in turn ease my anxiety a bit. I like to vape cbd and use cbd muscle and massage creams. It’s not for everyone but it works for me!

  3. I recently started taking this and it has really helped me relax my tight muscles and lessen the jitters and rapid heart rate to my anxiety. It doesn’t solve everything or motivate me to do other behaviors that also lessen symptoms, but it does make everything significantly easier to start doing and that alone has been very helpful

  4. I have recently started using CBD oil to treat anxiety associated with BPD and CPTSD. I do notice a difference. Today I experienced a triggered mood storm and deep, deep sadness and despair. This created a storm that in the past would have escalated into a major spiral. CBD oil significantly reduced the anxiety and took the edge off the intensity and duration of my storm. It helps a great deal in navigating symptoms of both CPTSD and BPD.

  5. What the heck is "possibly medicinal ways", as opposed to psychoactive ways? The medicinal effects of opioids, benzodiazepines and all of the prescription sleeping aids are primarily psychoactive. Anybody who says cannibidiol is not psychoactive has never tried it, is lying, or doesn't know the definition of psychoactive. It's effects are not identical to those of THC, but it is absolutely psychoactive.

  6. Yes CBD (no THC) helps my migraines. Headache gone in about 15 minutes with eyedropper of 1800mg. Our local hemp grower who uses it himself said the minimum effective dosage is 600mg or higher. Also if vaped into the lungs rather than under the tongue it is faster working & more effective. Also "Full spectrum" is what to look for. Yes there may be a very tiny amount of THC that exists in the plant but it is not a measurable amount. If I can't get to sleep at night it helps with that & I have an elderly dog & another who is sick & I give them both CBD oil to help them. It is good though for me I need another migraine treatment using viscous lidocaine for long term relief. CBD only seemed to last headache wise for 4 hours before the migraine was returning

  7. I took it one bottle for chronic pain. I got arrhythmias from it. Not nice. The place I purchased it from said there were no side effects. I am a retired RN and know what I was dealing with. They subsided about a week after I quit. Didn't have them before or after that.

  8. I have tried different brands of CBD, and have finally settled on one that has done wonders for me. It has truly changed my life. I work at a very high stressed job and I've noticed I'm less anxious and nervous feeling, my headaches have been alleviated, it took away my back pain, and I have more energy, and after 2 months of taking it consistently, I'm sleeping better! CBD is life! I ended up loving it so much I decided to sell it. I've had nothing but happy clients since! If u haven't had good results yet, don't give up, there are some good ones out there! Also there is more research popping up everyday, look into it if you're struggling! 😊

  9. I was looking into using CBD oil to help as I transition off anxiety medications but I heard that if you are taking ANY medications that GRAPEFRUIT interacts/contraindicated with that you should NOT use CBD oil. I find that discouraging as I am on 2 meds that fall under that category.

  10. Canadians do not need to wait for a medical study to know that CBD extracted from flowers (not seeds) along with the other ingredients found within a specific cannabis strain; such as, the terpenoids and flavonoids do in fact prevent and stop anxiety.

    There are CBD extracts from cannabis seeds that actually creates anxiety, which defeats the purpose of extracting the CBD from such seeds. So, why are people and companies extracting CBD from seeds, which happens to be the largest source of CBD (from coast to coast availability) in the United States? Because of tyrannical, corrupt United States laws that makes it illegal to extract it from flower. THC and CBD are both CHO sugars whose affects change within people, because of the presence of different terpenes and flavonoids within a specific strain of cannabis.

    People must obtain their source of CBD from cannabis flowers that were specifically bred for anxiety reducing effects, which includes the specific terpenes and flavonoids. A patient might have to search and test many sources of CBD that they find are suitable to them, but not necessarily suitable to others with the same condition. Some of these suitability issues may be due to allergies to certain terpenes. Patients might actually discover additional medicinal benefits to other health conditions they may have when searching and testing various CBD cannabis strains. Some of these health condition corrections could be: less sensitivity to sunlight, less or no pain causing inflammation in the spine, more spunk in their steps etc.

    Cannabis growers can literally breed a strain of cannabis that will create anxiety, that’s a known fact. People should just stay away from such cold blooded pranksters (stoners), novice or fly-by-night companies.

    CBD isn't CBD until it is heated to a certain temperature that converts it to CBD from CBDA. The same science is true for THC. However, THCA does have anti-inflammatory properties that are suitable to some patients with inflammation in their spine; so, just eat the THCA/CBDA flower to illuminate a specific back pain. hahaha

    #LongLiveFreedom #LongLiveTheRedundantNinthAmendment #GrowYourOwnMedicine

  11. I'm a combat veteran with TBI, PTSD, and anxiety The military threw every medication at me, upwards to 8 or more prescriptions at a time, they even went to the extent of trying ECT multiple multiple times. Alas nothing ever seemed to work, in fact it seemed to hurt more than help. When i got out of the military it gave me the option to try Cannabis and/or CBD and CBD is hands down better than anything i've taken so far, with no noticeable side effects. The worst part about CBD is the cost, it can get expensive and is not covered by insurance so i don't get the luxury of consistent access, but when i do have it it's a nice break.

  12. This sounds promising… unfortunately my county is WAAAAY too orthodox about the usage of medicinal marijuana, and can’t understand the difference between THC and CBD effects… hopefully someday it will be different

  13. CBD oil motivates me while also increasing cognitive functions. Thinking, and reasoning hypothetical issues and real time problems. My mechanical functions don't suffer, in fact i can increase my workload. However, everyone experiences this differently, and people like me are few and far between. However, when I do take CBD, my anxiety towards people increases (antisocial)

  14. This needs to be looked from many different perspectives. With most people, marijuana enhances anxiety through constant use, where they believe they can't function if they are not high. We see evidence of this everywhere in the work place.
    (It's one of the things people get anxious about when it's brought up in the work place)

  15. I have a bottle of CBD on my home, for me it really helps if it's taken once in a while and not everyday because from what I notice if I take it everyday it kinda loses the effect, also my friend has epilepsy and she had the same experience, first time it was like a miracle and amazing and then the more often you take it the least it works, as if your body became immune to it? It did wonders for me the first time taking it though! Also interesting fact: mixing CBD with weed reduces the high so if you're ever having a bad trip and have CBD oil around that can help you out 🙂

  16. New research?
    We have known about this for thousands of years, understood it for hundreds, and recently can see the mechanical effects on the body. It's really easy to understand, it's just really difficult to explain because it's a conversation, not a simple answer.
    However, understanding how CBD mechanically effects the brain opens a whole new level of academia and better understanding on the mechanics of the brain and it's relation to natural psychological response in individuals.

  17. Crazy. Just a few minutes ago I was talking to my boyfriend. I told him I want to go to the smoke shop today to look at cbd oils. I'm currently tapering off of lorazepam and it's been pretty rough. I don't use "drugs" and don't want marijuana but I'm pretty desperate and would like to check out alternative treatments. No sooner did I have this conversation with him then I check my phone and this video was in my feed.

  18. Well for me CBD-oil did no relieve, but it might have been due to the relatively low CBD content (4%) in the oil I tested. But smoking some weed even pure sativa strains (with high THC and low CBD content) works wonders for me. Indica, sativa or hybrid makes no difference to me at all. It still would be too risky to try it yourself if you have never been high, as some people get really anxious when high and can even have a severe bad trip. In four years of cannabis consumption I didn't have any problems whatsoever, so I can probably be quite certain that I really found something for me here, but in my experience it would be quite rare for a person with anxiety to mostly have positive effects from it. But I would highly recommend trying CBD based products if you suffer from anxiety as you have nothing to loose with those.

  19. I am epileptic and there is a lot of hype around CBD helping seizures, but it’s not the CBD that helps it’s RSO oil. It contains about 50%THC and 50%CBD. Taken in very small doses it does not get you high, but it does calm headaches, and I’ve used it in a pinch when my proper medication wasn’t available to me and I didn’t have a seizure. I also use it when I feel like a seizure may be coming and I haven’t had one while using it. ALL IN ALL knowing this makes me have little faith in CBD alone treating anxiety, I think the THC needs to be there along with it to really have benefits. I love that they’re doing research on it though, and I hope they don’t use it as a tactic to ‘debunk’ CBD benefits, because it really does help for other things like muscle relaxation and body relaxation. I just haven’t really used CBD alone to treat my anxiety. If I’m anxious enough the THC has less of an effect on me and it helps. I really think RSO is the way to go on this one.

  20. I have a number of conditions that reports say it could help with. I would try it in a flash if it weren't so expensive. I would even be happy if it marijuana were legal where I live.

  21. I take CBD for a combination of issues: severe chronic pain from military injuries, fibromyalgia -which is separate from some of the traumatic injury damage issues I deal with, anxiety, PDST, and depression. I also use marijuana medicinally in small amounts via smoking, eating, tinctures, and in muscle rubs with other herbs. When I started CBD it helped a lot. It takes the edges off the most severe pain in a noticeable way, when other protocols aren’t working as well. It keeps my everyday pain lower. It just sort of helps everything be a bit better and my intake of medical marijuana in other forms is less when I can supplement with CBD. Also, I haven’t taken narcotic pain killers for several years now. My pain and issues are all managed through diet and lifestyle along with the aforementioned.

    I use yoga, meditation, gratitude practice, and other forms of behavior modification to maintain mental health as well. Narcotics destroyed my ability to use my brain properly and it’s through the same practices I get things under control. My anxiety disorder is so bad, that when unmanaged with my ptsd and depression I am agoraphobic and in a pit of despair.

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