The Mike Wise Show with Rick Simpson – 5/6/18

The Mike Wise Show – May 6th, 2018 Mike Wise sits down with Rick Simpson to chat about cannabis oil, politics, and life as an activist. Follow us on Facebook: …


  1. The reason we buy a lot of CBD in the U.S. is because it is legal in all 50 states, and it is one of the only medicine from hemp that we are allowed to buy. We which we could buy every part of the marihuana plant, but we can't. Shame on our goverment. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. Big Pharma's commonly prescribed drugs cause homicidal-suicidal rage outbreaks. Most mass shooters act out due to this fact. Pills for insomnia, nicotine addiction, pain, depression, weight loss all cause homicidal-suicidal rage as a side effect.

  3. The USA, as well as Canada and the UK, is a Police State working against the moorings of the Constitution & Bill of Rights. But one must recognize that since 1917 the US government has been building its imperial Police State using lackeys put in the Oval Office to carry out a Police State's policies. With the election of President Donald J Trump, this all changed. But President Trump, for reasons I don't understand, hasn't carried through on Justice against the last eight-year administration which would remove the previous two illegal appointments to the SCOTUS and place him as President #44, not #45. To combat the Police State, citizens must wear their own uniforms adorned with Constitutional Badges of Supreme Law, wear their body armament, their 45's, batons, pepper spray and taser guns along with collar-clipped communication devices so as to request back-up from other citizens when the Police State thugs attempt to interfere with the citizen's Constitutional Supreme Law enforcement rights.

  4. hi guys, great work, 1 question, I cannot find seeds on your web page which are 90% indica and 10% sativa. Rick, I love you man, what a wonderful human being you are, wish the world was full of guys like you and Mike. Much love and appreciation from the UK

  5. The sound quality of this video sucks, but I know I can use some Simpson Oil to unblock my ears too… time to grow a new batch and use it in butter or oil form rather than smoke it. ciao.

  6. Ho ye If your putting any type of plant in a plant pot don't forget to put a fue rocks in the bottom of the plant pot and the soil on top of the rocks for drainage and for the plant to suck up the water from the water trof  whot  you put the plant pot on.

  7. Simpson – Cannabis: A Sensible Answer To Most Of Our ProblemsWatched the link above, and I Solute you Rick and hope one day your the head of all politicians and presidents, and police and hospitals and Doctors and nurses are mine, lol. then it might be a better world. well it will when you have that sort of power will you take over UK for me so I can do a Bart Simpson  on all our politicians and presidents, and police and hospitals and Doctors and nurses and job centres, housing, and countless other departments all need sorting, but once all sorted, how the heck are we going to stop in the future we don't go back to old habits and we end up in the same situation as where in nowerday's.

  8. Where is Rick now? Is he still in exile from Canada? If you can't order seeds from OG Labs and grow ( sprout seeds? ) who is an authentic RSO supplier? Save Pee Wee Toms. Curious in San Diego.

  9. 46.30 it is only going to get worse until we get rid of government and politicians and start appointing people and firing them when they don't work well, when you make national debt and crisis your place is at the rubbish bin not to be a president. At the moment they get political protection you elected me now you listen to me. Stop voting, when you vote you give your rights rights of whole your generation of relatives to decide what to do to these politicians crooks, it's madness. Politicians can only kill us which is what they are doing. Preventing us to treat ourselves with hemp extract.

  10. 40.22 when people become clever these pirates politicians will be asking for forgiveness of all the damages and suffering they did to people like pope apologised for all damages and suffering religion did to people and these pirates politicians will be on their knees apologising like a pope.

  11. Some wise and sane ideas. Government makes people stupid and it starts from math, science, medicine. You can't count real things with math, science doesn't work and medicine only makes people even sicker and wants money for it. That's what politicians want, to make people stupid otherwise they can't rob rule which is code word for manipulate people. When people become wise and sane and in align with nature and stop believing that you can put minus one apple in your pocket they cant rob people anymore. Which is why the whole bollox was created to make people dumb, and to replace people's consciousness from nature which is only correct, nature is infinitely perfect, into fake science that doesn't work in nature

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