1. PhrankieC87 is BY FAR my absolute FAVORITE unboxing channel I have watched and I watch A LOT of unboxing and haul videos from all types of different channels from stoner related to makeup and clothes to mystery boxes and your videos are always the best! Not boring, but also not wicked over exaggerated. Very informative and detailed. I appreciate how you’ll explain instructions or ‘how-tos’ on products for people who may not know how something works but is interested by it! And I love love love how even if you get something broken you NEVER badmouth a company. Bottom line, phrankiec87 is the king on unboxing/subscription videos 👌🏼💚

  2. Every time I watch your videos I think of the original SNL & the appearance of mr. hands in the reoccurring appearances of Mr. Bill.. you HAVE to search on tube if’in ya haven’t seen 🤩

  3. It's a perfect Sunday for soft weed socks on the toes, a sip of green tea to wet the whistle per dabba dabba do, while incense burns in the background and Bob Marley serenades you into your own "Zen" bliss… It's a great box..Cheers😊🤘💨💚

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