1. Weed made me lazy. And it makes most people lazy. it does make people look like zombies, which is not a good look. Which is why when I use to smoke weed , for the most part I wouldn't go out in public.

  2. Good question Dynast, I'm from Canada is legalized in Canada now. Everybody is going to smoke weed in Canada but they said it's help serious pain ms seizure hiv ects. That why the prime minister sign the paper because of this but who knows what is the future holds. I hope the doctors are going to found out that it's cure everything that's will be awesome!!

  3. The answer is here, was marijuana illegal in Africa before the europeans made it so? Follow the ways of your ancestors not your oppressors! Black people need to stop following whites and act and think for ourselves. If the ancestors didn't make it illegal than neither should us.

  4. Alot of times we say things out of ignorance. And for the last years Mj got in the western world alot of hype and attention, there is a certain way people in the west and east talk on the usage of plants/herbs and the reluctancy for changing ones opinion on legalizing nature is very often the same. In africa and especially on this continent and whats left of the spirituality and the knowledge and usage of different plants in rituals to enter into the dream/trance state more easily is universal in places where you find people living in nature & with it.
    I think the way these things are often perceived is from a view/point of the place wherever your from.
    I dig your shit. I live in germany and havent been back in Gh since 17 years. Next year i plan to go back home. Please keep uploading peace

  5. I do not believe we should smoke anything. As a herb, I believe it could be eaten or used as a herbal tea. Taken in this way it enters the body as natural food and it becomes healthy addition to our diet as food or drink.

  6. Its all over in Africa and consumed in all forms especially in Nigeria where I base. Legal or not does not make any difference to me at all. Those who want the stuff, know where to collect them. Alot of people do things in secrecy over here. Its as good as legal for me…smh

  7. Weed laws arent even enforced in most african countries.alot of cops in my countries smoke it too and if caught with it they may just extort you and you will have to pay cheap bribes so legalizing it doesnt mean much because the opinion on it are cultural.

  8. It is no harm in marijuana use only if you added Alcohol and Other Drugs with it been using it for 50 years don't smoke cigarettes don't drink alcohol or use other drugs. I must admit I do forget my children's birthday sometimes okay all the time I forgot .

  9. This is why American blacks hate Africans! U dumb neegarsee want them to come to Africa but won't let them smoke weed. They are known to be arrested 8x more than. Whites for weed. U poor blacks are terribly.

  10. Why is it illegal in the first place? Pot is an herb africans have for million of years but as soon as crakkkas get their hands on it they tempered with it.

    Marijuana makes some people lazy and others productive so it depends on your body.

  11. An argument for the preservation of the youth is not adequate for autonomous adults. If you don't like it then don't use it but don't infringe on another person's desire to partake.

  12. If it's legalized in Africa best believe these Cave Beast will come and mess up the original strains, It would be a great idea to have very strict GMO restrictions to those who want to manipulate the strains

  13. Growing up in Nigeria, only certain people were associated with weed and they were usually not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    Marijuana, in my opinion is a gateway drug and Africa doesn't need the drug gateway to be open.

  14. I would not presume to tell Senegal what they should or should not do. However, the Brother is not taking into account the very real spiritual and medicinal benefits that come with marijuana use (not abuse). Btw, Search For Uhuru, Dynast, BIG UPS on your channel.

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