1. Your interior design taste is exactly what I love! My favourite had to be the blue couch and how you made great use of that small space with the print & side tables. What a beautiful home.

  2. Your apartment is awesome !:) It's the best and most fun and realistic , and gorgeous apartment tour I have ever seen !:) love love that you are using Craig's list – this is so sustainable as well! xox

  3. The Pax wardrobe is the best! Love that it was only 100 bucks! Plus, you've just convinced me to get a king size mattress. We need to upgrade ours, so this is perfect timing.

  4. I really really like how you have lots of stems with leaves dotted around the place in vases. Are they all the same type and are they real? Would love to try to incorporate something like that into my space. I'd also be interested to know how you find it decorating a place with Cahal since both of you probably have strong design tastes and preferences. Xx

  5. Such a beautiful appartment! I had the exact same thing where it took me 6 months to get to a place where I’m happy with everything, but afterwards it was completely worth it because now it is a representation of my style and not some quick impersonal fix!

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