My Profound Experience With Endoca Cbd Oil! (A MUST WATCH!)

My Profound Experience With Endoca Cbd Oil! (A MUST WATCH!) Discount code 10% off: endocathdg Endoca Website: Product I …


  1. Wish our corrupt goverment would just go ahead and legalize it so we can grow and make our own CBD.Canada did!This product is too pricey for the average Joe and this stuff can be made soooooooo easy.Cannabis is a great cancer cure too and that is why our corrupt goverment wont let us grow it because they are in bed with Big Pharma.Our goverment says it is keeping us from great harm.Do they think We The People are this dumb.I just wonder how much money Jeff Sessions is getting to keep it illegal.If these law makers dont get the head out of the ass real soon they will be all out of work .Thank you S.D.

  2. i have 3 questions; will the Endoca CBD Hemp Oil have the same effects as the product in this video? and does the Raw Hemp Oil have any THC content in it? does the CBD Hemp Oil & Raw Hemp Oil both perform the same or better than the other?

  3. Thanks for the vid, Dan- quick question; did you use their Raw oil or decarboxlyated (heated) oil ? Also, which percentage of CBD did you use (I believe they have a 3% and a 15% bottle, respectively). Thanks again!

  4. Very cool! There is a small vegan cafe by my place that sells cbd oil, chocolates, and you can even add it to your juice or smoothie. Glad to hear you got that creative spark back! Keep up the great videos!

  5. Sure appreciate all you contribute to health knowledge, really good info – in fact, because of your input I've successfully started and continued doing the Pure Gum Spirits, mixed 50/50 with Caster oil for the last 3 weeks, on and off in appropriate timing with NO dark symptoms at all. So much appreciation for you!

  6. Hi Dan do you think this oil will be better than now alchemy's who claim that their cbd is nono emulsified. How do I check if "now alchemy's cbd" is verified and proven that it's pure as they say they are? Thanks

  7. All the effects you had on CBD oil is what I get from real cbd rich cannabis grown in soil in the Sunshine. Smoking, eating and vaping it all have different effects, but variations of the same. Hydroponic cannabis strains grown for THC make me feel tired and stoned, bit outdoor stuff doesn't, it just makes me sleep better, have better perspective, focus, optimistic outlook and energy. The less you use it, the more profound the effects, by a long way. The cannabinoids stay in your system for many days

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