My First Legal Weed Haul in Canada

In this video, I’m showing you my first legal weed haul in Canada. I live in British Columbia where there was only one store in the whole province to purchase …


  1. Excellent review. Nothing like cutting down on packaging to help the planet lol. Such a shame to see you get better quality bud on the black market, defeats the object a bit 🙁 Good idea with the grow your own. You know then its guaranteed quality and whatever strain you want. Jack Herer is also one of my favourites, sad to see it so flavourless. Would love to see a step by step grow from you 🙂

  2. i live in New Brunswick, and i went our NB Cannabis store, a few weeks ago, and i agree, the whole building is so very off putting and it was kind of confusing. they just have they shelves of "pill" containers and little boxes. It was over priced and far to much packaging. its use a waste of plastic. i thought it was slightly dry, it was still good pot, just not great. I think ill stick to my normal way. and if i want something fancy, maybe ill go again.

  3. Leafly website helped me pick my first time to 🙂 you can put in a name of weed strain. In the search bar and it will tell you the effects if you go Way down on page 🙂

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