My brother explains his Worst Weed Panic Attack while we play Zelda together

FULL PSYCHEDGAMING EPISODE: – My brother talks about his past use of cannabis, and how a series of overwhelmingly …


  1. I have the same issue . I'm not big on MJ but everytime I've smoked weed (probably 10 time ?) Pipes and joints . I always get panic attacks. I tried to get my body use to it . Even tried (I know smh I'm stupid ) edibles … always had bad trips with those too . Now I have never touched the weed . I get into this paranoia.

  2. I’ve smoked weed, it has not done me any favours it’s a 50/50 chance it’s going to sit okay with you, I had the worst trip I was hallucinating paranoia, and this has lead to anxiety depression and also paranoia, this was the scariest experience in my entire life, can we get this top comment as this has took a lot of courage to say, Thank you

  3. Sorry but this is signs of a schizophrenia break induced by thc… a panic attack is normal but hearing voices is NOT! Jesus man idk how you didn’t address that Adam…

  4. It’s cool to have some kind of visual while listening to the story, but maybe try a game that doesn’t require as much concentration. Seemed like you were having trouble focusing on the story when the game got more intense.

  5. ive smoked weed over 10 years and never understood this "panic attack or anxiety from a weed hit" bs if you have anxiety or panic attacks weed usually calms you down ive had panic attacks and anxiety issues when im not baked but shit youve gotta be smoking something laced or something with your weed to get a panic attack. its like saying the shrooms gave you a bad hit, its your mentallity and emotional state that control how you feel if you go into a trip with bad thoughts you're gonna have a bad time but its not the shrooms causing it just like its not the weed causing the anxiety or panic attack.

  6. “If I am a being on an unknown journey called “life”, who is proposing that everyone around me is “real”? Why am I not to believe that I am LITERALLY living my own “life”? If this is the case, then why would I put any limitations on myself and my life? This is the rational that eliminates all fear.” – Tommy Martel

  7. psychedelics will inflate your ego.. i do not recommend doing them more than once or twice. It has been a couple of months since i ended my obsession with them, and I am realizing more and more the ego/illusion that psychedelics will put you into. It could be described as being shot off into space on a rocket ship, and then put back on earth with nothing and believing you could return or are in some way still conscious of the space you were in. Psychedelics will make you AWARE OF those states, but if you do them more than a couple of times it will be harder and harder for you to return to that place naturally. you will pendulum swing into a state of enlightenment and then reverse back into your ego body. If you want to strengthen ego pathways in the brain, continue using psycadelics… ESPECIALLY do not do them before you are more mature.. I'm 19 and I feel that I have done them too early… I would say wait until your neural plasticity mellows out; don't put the brain into this kind of free-wire mode until then.

  8. I used to have the craziest trips after smoking so I stopped doing it regularly. It was to the point that I started considering if I'm schizofrenic. Now it's really rare for me to do it and when I do, it's small amounts. But I gotta say that in my opinion edibles are superior to smoking, never had one bad thought after trying them.

  9. So i smoked pot for the first time 4days ago, it was a casual joint with probably a little more than 1g and i did all of it at once on my own. First ten minutes have been just amazing, it was just the feeling of being high for the first time, i was as amazed as a 4yr old. Then it just got to much, i was with my girlfriend and a friend and theyve been high too but it wasnt their first times so they could handle it, but for what i think i just have a really low tolarence, i felt like leaving reality, couldnt make much sense of the words from both of them and just felt like being thrown into another dimension with me being the only fucking existing thing in the universe, and there was no place for common sense-thaughts, somewhat the fact that its just the fkin weed and its going to be fine couldnt calm me down because of how much fucking anxiety of the situation ive felt, which to me was complete isolation from anything ive ever known, i felt as lonely as one could feel.
    If it wasnt for my girlfriend to calm me down and somewhat make it through to my head i feel like i'd have had the worst panic attack possible, and at some point i accepted it and decided to just wait until its gone.
    My entire body went numb, everything got so slow in my head that time wasnt a concept to me and i really did not accept the two of them as real human beings being next to me right now, tho idk what i thought they were, i just didnt have the feeling of them to be real.

    I never knew weed could have such out of this world effects and i guess it was just too much weed for my lowtolerance-body that never knew anything else besides alcohol to get this high that quick, i couldnt fucking take it.

    But i feel so lonely with that coz' nowhere iam able to find anyone who had the same experience as i did, not in the internet and neither with my friends.

    Just so you know how hard it hit me, i was high for the next entire day which then was a nice and chilled experience.

    Iam not traumatized and think with a better setting than a rainy forest (which to me was unpleasent) and just less weed it wont be that bad, just wanted to share that experience

  10. Hey Adam, I have a really wierd/interesting/curious lsd+weed story I would like to share… there’s an email where I could send my story? (Thru my trip I had a ego death and I don’t know if it was a breakingthrought, but I was sucked out of my body, I remember seeing myself in the floor trying to get back to my body)

  11. In my life I've gotten paranoid many times off marijuana to the point where my heart is pounding and my teeth are shattering with a bad case of cottonmouth but I've only had two extremely terrible High experiences. I've learned so much from both of those experiences. They were the most terrifying experiences of my life but I look at them in a positive way because each one taught me something. Now I know my limits, know what to smoke out of and prefer 100% of the time to smoke alone. When I'm high in my room alone I have no one to judge me or no reason to feel embarrassed. I just kick my feet up and watch some Ed Edd and Eddy or play some video games like Banjo Kazooie and I feel perfect. I still get paranoid with all the heightened sensitivity of sounds. I'll hear a tree branch outside and I'll stare outside my window for like four minutes thinking there's someone out there but I have ways of overcoming it thank goodness.

  12. Adam you totally knew what your brother was talking about when he mentioned smoking kief you just weren't paying attention! LMAO oh n your Terrence McKenna impression was pretty damn good.

  13. I keep postponing watching this, because I had such horrible experiences with these kind of stuff, that I don't wanna get my mind set on it back after getting rid all of the panic thingies for some time now …

  14. I had panic attacks (or better use the term panic episodes because the disgusting feeling won't go away for days sometimes) due to a low serotonin level. That was the exact same feeling I had earlier in my life once or twice after smoking too much and than don't wanted to be that high (but couldn't escape) , but at that time I didn't know what panic attacks are. I now figured that panic attacks are coming up when you loose control (or think you do) of your body and you can't escape from the situation. Mental illness based panic attacks can come up for example when you feel your heartbeat or blood pressure rise for no obvious reason. You are not feeling normal, you may believe you are dying and you can't control the situation (which will rise your heartbeat even more which scares you more, and so on). With drug induced panic it's more or less the same. You take a substance which will be in, and take effect on your body for a while. If you are not prepared for the high and you want to opt out of it but you can't till the substance came out of you, you are cought in your body and in the high state which can be very frightening, no matter which substance you are on. That's because I stopped smoking weed a long time ago, even if I'm stable now with the serotonin (without taking ssri), I'm still afraid about that feeling might will come back to me when I'm smoking.

  15. I imagine that the smart thing to do is capitalize on the gaming and streaming craze, but I’m blown away that it’s even reached your channel. I’m not knocking it, but it’s sort of eerie to see painters and tattoo artists, psychonauts etc move to having people just watch them stare at a screen.

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