Mother left blind in one eye after shooting is grateful to be alive

A Winnipeg mother who was left blind in one eye after being shot believes she had guardian angels looking over her as she rushed to move her three-year-old …


  1. Colored savages will be savages
    Why do people think allowing wild animals to live amongst humans is a good idea?
    Canada was built by whites for whites.
    Canada was not built by blacks, browns, muslims or jews, we owe these groups nothing and have no obligation to let them live here.

  2. good luck to your healthy recovery with your cigarette…. Shows what kind of person you are. You dont care about yourself, your dont care others. Action n self discipline better than talking.

  3. I drove past Winnipeg, and it was a dump. It looked like a totally different country to me. I saw so many homeless native indians, and the streets are atrocious, like they were so narrow and impossible to change lanes almost. It looked like a 3rd world cesspool. I was about to stay there for a night, and I said to myself that it was too shady, so I stayed at Strathmore Alberta instead. Whatever you, you need to stay away from that 3rd world dump of a city called Winnipeg. It was the most garbage city that I have ever been to.

  4. I think maybe she had drugs on her cuz I mean judging by her teeth being …the way they are :/ at such a young age, but i don't think she was selling them (but who knows hopeful not) but more importantly she is alive and will Survive this horrible attack

  5. First of all, her landlord outright lied to her face!!! Hope in Canada there are laws for this as she sustained some frightening injuries. Same for all the united states! And yrs ago in Central California, I've rented a place or two, where angry druggies showed up, usually to collect on debts; my teen daughter not too much aware of it, but terrifying as my home I chose not to do drugs, but the dealers want their fixes and get the anger and illogical thinking in their mind that the 'new' tenant 'HAS TO KNOW&The druggies swear they are straight out lying to them ready to do bodily injury because their chemically polluted minds can't rationalize/accept the hardcore facts of truth from the 'new' tenant. Kudos as she's holding up well in spite of this horrible incident. Am glad she&her young family are safe!

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